Avi Choice Awards 2013 results published

The annual Avi Choice Awards for 2013 took place from 3pm SLT for a few hours or so on Sunday 15th December 2013 and hundreds of avatars attended the live show inworld/livesteam channel.  Today the Avi Choice Awards 2013 final results have been published on the official Avi Awards website. See the final results for the top 5 and the winner of each category from lowest to highest in votes received.

My blog was featured in the list of Favorite SL Media/News Source which was great to see but it was not chosen as the winner. Hopefully next year I’ll win something. 😀

Favorite SL Media/News Source
New World Notes – Hamlet Au
Daniel Voyager Blog – Daniel Voyager
Associated SL Press – Frolic Mills
Metaverse TV – Robustus Hax
The SL Enquirer: Lanai Jarrico – Avi Choice

Well done to all the WINNERS that got awards for Avi Choice Awards 2013.

2013 Avi Choice Awards_001 2013 Avi Choice Awards_002 2013 Avi Choice Awards_003 2013 Avi Choice Awards_006

Did you win a award this year ? 


6 thoughts on “Avi Choice Awards 2013 results published

  1. Avi Choice awards are rigged look at sponsors are most of winners, also I dare them to post the vote totals if this is legit they would provide a link


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