Episode 14 of The Drax Files featuring Rose Borchovski

Episode 14 has been released of The Drax Files featuring Rose Borchovski who is one of the most popular artists on Second Life and in this episode she shares her wonderful art work with the rest of the world. Drax and Rose discuss inspirations, current projects and much more. Episode 14 runs for four minutes and fifty nine seconds. Great work!

See Episode 14 here of The Drax Files.

Rose Borchovski’s installations are by far are unique and the best on the grid I think. This is another amazing episode and overall there is always new things to learn in The Drax Files when new episodes are uploaded.


InWorldz 4th Annual Holiday Gala 2013 – Toys For Tots

InWorldz will be having its 4th annual holiday gala for 17 days starting in December 2013 and all money proceeds will benefit the Toys For Tots foundation. The InWorldz holiday gala starts on Saturday 7th December through to Monday 23rd December which is open to all InWorldz residents to attend. It’s set to be a great event for InWorldz with entertainment, auctions, live dj events, storyteller events and much more.

InWorldz 4th Annual Holiday Gala Details

The 4th Annual…
InWorldz Sponsored Holiday Gala 
Benefiting Toys For Tots Foundation
December 7th thru December 23rd 2013 – Open to all IW residents!

A 17 day long event in which all proceeds will benefit Toys For Tots foundation. Filled with amazing winter and holiday builds, entertainment and auctions, the Holiday Gala promises to once again be a spectacular event for InWorldz!

We will be holding a fashion show via InStylez Modeling agency, A total of 3 Auctions & Entertainment- Several Live music and DJ events, as well as Storyteller events.

A bit about Toys For Tots and OUR mission to help..
“The mission of Toys For Tots is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted”. “All funds collected in InWorldz will go straight to our founders which will be donated to the Toys For Tots organization for this purpose. All builds, auction and sale items and entertainment is on a voluntary donation basis for this purpose.

We are looking for content creators to do Winter & Holiday builds for display. You may also sell your sim builds at the auction or in a kiosk, but all proceeds must go towards Toys For Tots. It is not demanded that your build be auctioned or sold towards this charity but bare in mind we are doing this for needy children. Those who are donating all or parts of your build please retain a copy for yourself for your own use or sales. If you are building or donating AN EXCLUSIVE- PLEASE SPECIFY. Also if something you don’t have permissions to donate (such as trees you purchased to surround your build) please specify in auction notes that trees do not come with it.
Winter & Holiday builds are a great way to showcase your work and you may use a lm/notecard giver to put a sign on so people can find your store and see/buy additional work from you.

This year we are holding 3 auctions. December 8th – Christmas Tree Auction, December 15 Christmas Tree Auction & the MAIN BUILDS, GOODS & SERVICES AUCTION Dec 23rd.. All are welcome to donate AND participate in purchasing items for these auctions.
TREE AUCTIONS- This year we have a lot set aside for our Christmas tree auction. We ask that you sens us 3 copies of the tree to be auctioned. One for display in thew lot, and two boxed versions for the two auction dates. Additionally we will have some donated trees in kiosks with proceeds to go to Toys For Tots. Please let us know if you would like to leave a kiosk tree

Scripts MUST be kept to a minimum and excessive or laggy scripts are subject to be asked to be removed at the discretion of the IW Events staff. No frequent “updating scrips” may be used such as updating texture switchers which 2 years ago rendered the holiday gala inaccessible until removed due to lag. We do understand that decorations on trees etc are essential for the holidays but please be conscious If you are not sure of a script please sens a notecard to EventsCoordinator InWorldz and I will have a tech look it over.

Last year we incorporated an art gallery into the main music venue build. We are doing that again this year as sales do go 100 percent towards charity. I would like to ask artists to place and sell one or more pieces of work for sale to benefit Toys For Tots. There should be TWO versions of 2D or 3D art. One for display, NOT for sale, and one in a Toys For Tots Kiosk for those purchasing a copy. Your vendor with the art should be placed close by your display version You may place your own art. Please be considerate of your fellow exhibitors…Winter or holiday themed art is desirable but is not necessary.
Artists should contact: Wolf Hartnell to be included in the gallery. Art must be hung/shown and in kiosks by December 5th.

Santa’s Workshop is a fun and beautiful build buyt it is so much more! It is a HUGE and fully Functional STORE filled with donated items in kiosks from Gifts, to Fashion, to Furniture and more! All items will be sold with complete proceeds to benefit Toys For Tots. Please donate PG Items only! Contact Sheku Thor or Tamara Redenblack for information. Kiosks will be made available to all outside of Santa’s Workshop. Thank you all in advance for your very generous participation & donations!

There are 3 venues for entertainment this year. Most events will be at The Crystal Palace Stage for Live Performers & Djs. Storytellers will be located in The Storyteller’s Hollow- A cozy spot beneath the rooty hollow of a giant tree. The 3rd will be DJ Astoria’s Ice Rink. If you care to throw a skating party this is the place to be!

We will try our best to welcome all who wish to join in as performers! Please send a notecard to EventsCoordinator InWorldz or Bookings Manager Astoria Luminos requesting to volunteer! We will do our best to schedule and promote your performance here. NO TIP JARS- Remember- this is a VOLUNTARY CHARITY event – All tips and donations are being sent to Toys For Tots! Thank you all who volunteer to help the children! Hosts are welcome and needed as well- please send EC or MidnightRain Glas a notecard!
Musical Restrictions- Please remember this is an “open to all ages event” to benefit children- music should be appropriate for all audiences and winter/Chritmas/Holiday themed. Thank you in advanced for understanding the importance of this :)

FASHION SHOW – InStylez will be doing a Holiday Fashion Show- Designers needed- Please contact Raven Dulce to have your fashions participate. – The Date for the Fashion show is Saturday December 7th at 2 PM IW time – Opening day of the Holiday Gala.

Sim builds are to be completed by December 5th with exception to those our management team are updating. To enable us to prepare for future events, we ask that all items be removed from the events sims starting January 10th. Items remaining will be auto returned by January 15th.

HOW CAN I JOIN/ HELP – Send a notecard to EventsCoordinator InWorldz – EC and let her know what aspect you are interested in- building, auction, donating, art, Santa’s workshop, hosting, entertaining or a combination of things. Entertainers should include what TYPE of entertainment they are offering and their stream information. Building is open now and you may start as soon as you are assigned a lot.

Will you be attending this year ? 

The Arcade shopping guide released for December 2013

The excitement is building up for The Arcade Gacha Events starting in December 2013 through to January 2014. The Arcade Gacha Events for December 2013 is sponsored by [AF] Apple FallGOLThe Magazine, Oceania BreedablesPilot and Pure Poison – Fashion.

A new shopping guide has been released for December 2013 which can be found here. The Arcade features over 100 of the top builders and designers in Second Life offering great prizes and more. This is a great time to visit if you love shopping in Second Life. The Arcade gets busy throughout the month so its recommended to visit during non peak hours to enjoy the experience more.

The Arcade Event Schedule 2013/2014

  • November 23rd – 27th: Vendors set up
  • November 28th: Staff Walk-Through
  • November 29th – 30th: Bloggers Preview
  • December 1st: The Arcade opens & photography contest starts
  • January 1st 2014: The Arcade closes & photography contest ends
  • Early January 2014: Photography contest winners announced

Opening Soon! 

Will you be visiting the Arcade during December 2013 ? 

Stay updated on the latest news about The Arcade on the following links below and enjoy!

Happy Shopping!

The Blackened Mirror season 2 starts at 2pm SLT on 1st December 2013

The brand new season of The Blackened Mirror in Second Life will be starting at 2pm SLT on Sunday 1st December 2013 which is expected to be very exciting with many surprises along the way. I strongly recommend everyone watch The Blackened Mirror from the beginning from Season 1 episode 1 onwards. It’s a great Second Life TV series overall and it should not be missed. The Blackened Mirror crew do an amazing job at filming professional episodes for the SL community to enjoy. I can’t wait to see what comes next in the series!

What is The Blackened Mirror all about ?

The Blackened Mirror is the Grid’s latest example of fantastic creativity which involves machinima, film noir, treasure hunting, various forms of digital visual art & media, and good old fashioned storytelling! Join us in the adventures of the hero, the heroine, and of all people, the famous Mr. Biggins!

Season 2 episode 1 will be showed on the following links.

The Blackened Mirror season 2 starts this weekend

Season 2 coming soon!

The popular series, The Blackened Mirror, is back for Season Two! The story will keep you on the edge of your seat through all six episodes! The twists and turns this season will keep all of our loyal fans thrilled! Enjoy this small taste of things to come!


Logging into Tangle Grid on OpenSim

Tangle Grid is a fairly new opensim grid so I decided to signup today and visit. Tangle Grid offers free shops, free apartments, free items and much more. See the reasons to join below and sign up if you are interested in being part of a new opensim grid. The Tangle Grid founders have made a game within a game recently called Pegasus Quest that will be hopefully be open before the end of December 2013 which sounds interesting indeed.

Grid Stats (26th November 2013)…

  • Total Users: 134
  • Total Regions: 43
  • Unique Visitors last 30 days: 58
  • Online Now: 1

Here is a list of 10 reasons to join Tangle Grid…

5) MESH 

The Tangle Grid homepage is pretty much straightforward with snapshots and links on the left/right hand side to get started. It’s very welcoming and it’s a good experience for everyone I think.

We are a new grid but not new to virtual worlds. Between the 3 of us, we have more than 14 years of experience. We started this grid to make a home that is affordableand welcoming. We also have a mentor program so if you need help we are only an IM away. There are 3 groups you should join while in TanGLeGrid..

Tangle Grid

The signup process takes only a few minutes to fully complete and here is what is involved…

  • 1) Choose avatar – Only 4 male or female avatars to pick from
  • 2) Signup details – Avatar First Name, Last Name, Password, Email and accept TOS
  • 3) Creation/activation of account – Follow on-screen instructions
  • 4) Confirmation message – “Thank you, your account is now active and ready to use. Start and configure your viewer Login and have fun”.

I used Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 viewer to log into the grid and here is the viewers page with details about logging in…

Tangle Grid

My first snapshot of Tangle Grid and my arrival at the welcome center.

Tangle Grid Welcome Area

Tangle Grid useful links to bookmark!

90, 000 registered InWorldz users milestone

Today InWorldz hit another a major milestone of reaching 90, 000 registered InWorldz users which is another step closer to reaching the big 100, 000 users milestone due in early 2014. Woooot!

90, 000+ total users milestone

InWorldz 90, 000

InWorldz total users historical stats

I think the InWorldz community should have a big party to celebrate 90, 000 registered users mark and also for the big 100, 000 total users milestone. Agree ?


New email response from Linden Lab on TOS

Linden Lab have sent a new email response on Wednesday 20th November to Kylie relating to the recent change to the Second Life terms of service. Apparently Linden Lab are still reviewing what can be done currently and it may take some time to come to a final solution/result. It’s just a confirmation that Linden Lab are still evaluating and hopefully we will hear something more encouraging next time.

See the new email response by Linden Lab and follow up by Kylie Sabra below….

November 20th

Hi Kylie,

Thank you for your group’s letter. As mentioned in my last note, we have been reviewing what changes could be made in light of the concerns expressed by some Second Life content creators. The Terms of Service impact all of our products and services, and the careful process of reviewing, evaluating, and making any revisions does take some time; we greatly appreciate the continued patience of concerned Second Life content creators while we do so as quickly as we can.

Kylie Sabra
3:39 PM November 21st

to Peter
Thank you, Peter, for your response. We will continue to check in, of course. In cases such as this, silence is not golden. I look forward to hearing from throughout this process.

Warm regards,


I’m glad there is positive communications between concerned members/groups of the SL community and Linden Lab PR team. I really do hope this gets sorted out before the end of the year at the latest.

Firestorm blocks old viewers starting this week

Firestorm have started to block old Firestorm versions this week one by one which will continue for the rest of the week until completed by the Firestorm Team. See the latest block updates below and be prepared to upgrade to the latest version of Firestorm.

The Firestorm team have recently been under pressure from Linden Lab to block older versions and its been in the works for many weeks now. The blocking is needed so that the Firestorm Team can continue to develop Firestorm futher so that everyone has a better inworld experience. By the end of November the Firestorm team will only allow the latest three versions of the Firestorm to access Second Life which makes sense.

Blocked Firestorm versions…

  • release – 166 users  (Blocked Nov 18th, 2013)
  • release – 881 users (Blocked Nov 19th, 2013)
  • hotfix release – 571 users  (Blocked Nov 20th, 2013)
  • maintenance release – 606 users (Blocked Nov 20th, 2013)
  • Beta – 4585 users (Blocked Nov 21st, 2013)
  • – 3334 users (Blocked Nov 22nd, 2013)
  • – 60 users (Blocked Nov 22nd, 2013)
  • – 14,120 users (Blocked Nov 23rd 2013)
  • – 40,451 users (Blocked Nov 24th 2013)

Last updated: 25th November 2013 

Stay updated on the latest news on the official Firestorm blog.

Fill out the Fourth Annual OpenSim Grid Survey

On Hypergrid Business there is a new Fourth Annual OpenSim Grid Survey to fill out to find out which opensim grids users like the best in terms of community, technology, content and support. One vote is required and the results will be posted before 23rd November 2013 apparently.

Vote Now

Once the survey has been filled out click on the Submit button then there will be a message box confirming the submission to Hypergrid Business…

Your response has been recorded. We’ll be publishing the results of this survey by November 23

Previous OpenSim annual Grid Survey results and responses…

Which OpenSim grids will come out on top this year ? 

RFL of InWorldz 2nd season sets new record

This year Relay for Life of InWorldz raised a grand total of $801,169 izzies apparently which is a new record and this year the funds were quadrupled than last year. This shows that there is still strong support for Relay For Life events to take place InWorldz. This is awesome news and it’s great that so many participated this year to make a difference. Time to celebrate and party!

2013 RFL of InWorldz Stats

  • $801,169 izzies raised
  • Over 75 visitors (average = 51 people) at any given time
  • 133 luminaria were lit

Top 10 distances 

  • Kelly4u Lynn > 27.0 miles
  • Hairy Thor > 22.6 miles
  • Wildstar Beaumont > 20.5 miles
  • OldeSoul Eldemar > 20.3 miles
  • Banker Ibor > 16.3 miles
  • Amaranthim Talon > 12.4 miles
  • Neill McCullough > 11.7 miles
  • MidnightRain Glas > 10.7 miles
  • Panza Eilde > 10.5 miles
  • Mortus Eclipse > 10.5 miles
  • Total Distance covered by users of the Pedometer: 210 miles

I guess we can now look forward to the third season RFL of InWorldz 2014 when I’m sure more new records will be set.