2022 Sci-Fi Expo In Second Life

The 2022 Sci-Fi Expo in Second Life opens to the public on Wednesday 18th May through until Sunday 29th May 2022. This year the Sci-Fi expo marks it’s 14th year and theme is Brave New Future. Please note the Sci-Fi website is under construction and the web pages will be updated once the main event gets underway.

There are many exciting events to attend from DJ events, fashion shows, movies, dunk a Linden event, Trivia and much more. Check out the Events page and note that all times are SLT. The SLURL for the location will be announced/published nearer to the time.

This annual conference is the largest gatherings of science fiction fans, merchants, entertainers, roleplayers, creators and more. The conference features sub genres from steampunk, post-apocalypse, cyberpunk, fantasy, superhero’s and more. The Sci-Fi expo is a good way to support the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life of Second Life season.

The Sci-Fi Expo is made possible every year in Second Life thanks to all the amazing exhibitors, builders, volunteers and the visitors who make it a huge success. Everyone is welcome to attend the Sci-Fi Expo and don’t forget to spread the word about this great annual event.

Important Details


  • Setup: 14th to 16th May
  • Early Access Press Day: 17th May
  • Open: 18th to 29th May
  • Breakdown: 30th May



Rules and Regulations

  • Find out more details here
  • No gachas of any kind, no bots, DJs may not have personal tip jars, No Game Rips

Check the Sci-Fi website every so often to see the latest new updates.

Mother’s Day New Last Names Now Available

On 6th May 2022 Linden Lab announced new last names for Mother’s Day (US) which are now available. These limited new last names will remain available until Friday 13th May 2022. You can change your account name here. and find the FAQ here.

  • Mamacita
  • Mommy
  • Madre

Here is the full list of current last names now available….

The lab will announce more new last names throughout the year and for anyone that wants to suggest a new last name for Second Life then here is the Last Name Suggestions form.

Brad Oberwager Appears On This Week In XR Podcast

On 6th May 2022 Brad Oberwager who is the current Executive Chair at Linden Lab appeared on This Week In XR Podcast hosted by Charlie Fink and Ted Schilowitz. Brad starts by saying Second Life had a big boost over the pandemic from older members of the community coming back to the platform and there was new users. Brad mentions “the real growth came when the users came in the concurrency increased and so the economy increased” along with the social increase.

Brad comes in around the 10 minutes & 50 seconds mark talking about the growth of Second Life in recent years, new residents joining the platform, the business model and the land based model. Brad talks about how to build a creator economy, the metaverse and much more.

Brad says Second Life does 1.6 million transactions a day, 650 million dollar economy and that Second Life has 2.2 billion items in the world which is a huge amount. The podcast runs for 48 minutes and 3 seconds. Thanks to the sponsor Virbela.

Please spread the word 🙂

Web User Group Meeting Cancelled For May 2022

Linden Lab have announced today’s Web User Group meeting has been officially been cancelled. Many were expecting to hear more about what’s new at the lab and maybe hear something about Premium Plus. I’m guessing the Premium Plus announcement has been delayed from this cancelled meeting.

The reason for cancellation for this month is not known at this time.

I suppose the good news is that the next scheduled Web User Group meeting will be on 1st June 2022 at the normal time.

Happy May!

Today’s Web User Group meeting has been canceled. We will be back next month on June 1st. Remember to keep an eye on our wiki page and the Second Life public calendar for all updates about user group meetings’ dates, timings, and topics.

See you next month!

Hopefully we will hear something more about Premium Plus before the end of May or sometime in early June 2022.

Linden Lab Adds Key Leadership Roles To Support Rapid Growth

On Monday 2nd May 2022 Linden Lab announced two new leadership roles including Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This news came from PR Newswire and not through the official Linden Lab news press page which is rather surprising.

Steven Feuling (CMO) has worked for many of the world’s best known brands including Microsoft, Bloomberg LLC, The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, E*Trade and General Motors along with many successful start-ups. Steven has held senior roles with clients, media partners and agencies. Most recently as President of MDC Partners’ Assembly and he offers a unique perspective to support Second Life and Tilia. Steven will manage the communications and marketing side.

Linden Research remains one of the most innovative companies in technology, and it’s exciting to join the team that will lead the next stage of its development,” said Feuling. “Whether helping to support the renewed interest in metaverses for Second Life or building awareness of Tilia and virtual economies, I’m thrilled to apply my broad marketing expertise to assist in Linden’s growth.

Peter Capraro (CISO) has spent almost half of his career on the financial services cybersecurity side. He held security roles at Bank of America for ten years, was the deputy CISO at fintech start-up and was involved in Akoya, spin-off from Fidelity investments. Peter will be the strategic leader to protect information assets and ensure security for the lab.

As the metaverse is transforming into the next iteration of the internet, security will play a major role as the industry as a whole is being created in real-time,” said Capraro. “It’s an exciting time to be part of the Linden Research team and ensure security for the company and our users.

Brad Oberwager who is the current Executive Chairman of Linden Research, Inc has said this about the new leadership roles…

Steven and Peter are filling critical roles for Linden Lab, as the virtual world landscape takes front stage again,” said Brad Oberwager, Executive Chairman of Linden Research, Inc. “Each of their respective expertise at both successful startups and world-renowned companies will have a tremendous impact on our leadership teams for both Second Life and Tilia.

I’m sure Steven and Peter will do a great job at the lab helping to support rapid growth for Second Life for many years to come. I wish them the best of luck with their new roles at the lab.

Linden Lab Announces New Event Regions

On Monday 2nd May 2022 Linden Lab announces new “Event Regions” in Second Life via the Second Life official blog. After successful testing at recent large events the lab are excited to present this new event region offerings today with details on the capabilities and what’s included. The tests recently saw nearly 200 avatars successfully able to party/shop in the new event regions apparently. It’s not clear from the tests what the lag was like though.


  • Introductory price of $599 with no additional setup fee until 6th June 2022
  • Following introductory pricing event regions will have a set up fee of US$999 includes first month and a rate of $899/month after the first 30 days

What’s New ?

For some these prices are pretty expensive to be honest but it does include a fair amount of benefits in this. It’s great to hear that in the event regions they can now have a maximum avatar limit of 175 per Event region with up to 30, 000 land impact. The new Event region comes with over 20% improved script performance, rollbacks as a service and instancing as a service. There is extended chat ranges upon request which means local chat will travel further across the region. This comes with the white glove Concierge service.

How to order a Event Region today:

Follow the latest discussions on the Second Life Forums here.

Second Life University – Land & Group Basics with Izzy Linden

For anyone that missed the new Second Life University – Land & Group Basics episode with Izzy Linden then here is the full video which lasts for 25 minutes & 1 second. There are many interesting topics covered in this video including general information about land tips, region capacity vs parcel capacity, region settings override, buying mainland and much more.

I think the Second Life University video series so far has been great as there is important information for new beginners who are starting Second Life. It’s good for those that want a tutorial refresh that have been around in Second Life for many years.

In general it’s good to see interest from Linden Lab towards the existing, new and potential customer base. If the Second Life University can keep on the same levels as the famous Torley Linden video tutorials that would be awesome.

For anyone that missed Second Life University – Viewer Basics here is the full video below. Topics include text chat, the new guidebook, destinations, lag tips, snapshots and much more.

Please spread the word about the new Second Life University video series. It will make a positive difference and will provide to be pretty useful.

Sakura Regions Now Visible – Update 1

Sakura Regions Map – 28th April 2022

During the past 12 hours the Sakura regions have started to show up more visually on the inworld world map. The Sojisan regions marks a snow capped mountain spread over four regions it’s been confirmed which is clearly noticeable at first glance. This is very exciting indeed because this snow mountain could be the tallest in Second Life. It’s unclear at the moment if Linden Homes will be added there or a hangout area on top of the snow mountain. It’s not known yet what the roundish spot in the middle is at the top of the mountain.

New snow mountain opening soon

There appears to be a black building of some sort in the Shobu region located in the central area which may be the new community centre for the Sakura sub continent. There are many cannels, hills, bridges, possible railway tracks, road networks and more. Don’t forget there will be more rez areas and new lovely places to hang out. I will explore them when the regions open up in the weeks ahead.

Possible new community area

The new Sakura regions now have orange markers around them at the borders and it won’t be long now until these new regions are released to the public. It’s expected that more regions will be adding to the Sakura sub continent in the weeks and months ahead.

Special thanks and credit goes to SarahKB7 Koskinen who found the new regions this week.

Sakura North

Sakura South

Follow the latest updates via the SSP thread on the Second Life Forums. If anything big happens then I will update my blog as usual.

Exciting times ahead.

Sakura Regions Come Online

Sakura regions come online – 27/4/22

Breaking News

Around 68 Sakura regions have just appeared on the grid north of the Stilt homes and they all have Japanese names for this batch. The region names are showing up on the map and at this time not open to the public. It’s not clear where the connection link region will be placed at this time.

Special thanks to SarahKB7 Koskinen who found the new regions this week.

Patch Linden first announced the new Sakura Linden Home theme during Bellissaria Third Anniversary celebrations back on 15th April 2022. There were four preview regions to see this new theme SSPSD1, SSPSD2, SSPSD3 and SSPSD4.

Now it’s going to be interesting to watch developments take place over the coming weeks and months. It’s been exciting following Bellisseria developments since August 2018. I will be tracking for some time yet.

Sakura Preview Regions

More updates soon.