The Bay City Annual Prim Drop 2013/2014

On Tuesday 31st December 2013 Bay City will be hosting its special annual Prim Drop event in Second Life to celebrate the new year 2014 at the well-known Bay City Fairgrounds. The event starts from 11:30pm SLT which will include live entertainment and music for many hours . This is a great opportunity to hang out with friends here and spread the word about this special Bay City Prim Drop event only in Second Life.

Bay City Prim Drop 2013

 Here is a early sneak preview of the Prim Drop today. 

Bay City Prim Drop 2013/14

Only 6 days to go until 2014! 



Top 10 most viewed posts of 2013 on my blog

Here are the most viewed blog posts on my blog during 2013 with the links and the amount of views for each. I hope that everyone had a great christmas and during the final week of 2013 I will be publishing more highlights of 2013 in Second Life.

  1. Second Life statistics 2013 spring update – 2,677 views
  2. New mesh enabled InWorldz Beta Viewer – 1,707 views
  3. Peter Gray from Linden Lab responds to Kylie Sabra about TOS changes – 984 views
  4. Second Life statistics 2013 autumn update – 830 views
  5. Second Life Extensions on Google Chrome – 760 views
  6. Second Life statistics 2013 summer update – 759 views
  7. Trying out Metropolis Grid on OpenSim – 746 views
  8. New season of Relay For Life in Second Life 2013 – 714 views
  9. Linden Lab revamps new user experience – Social Island and Learning Island – 577 views
  10. Andrew Linden leaves Linden Lab – 566 views

Thanks so much for reading these most popular blog posts during 2013 and there is more to come in 2014.