Espresso Yourself Night at Bay City in SL tonight

Come along to a special event tonight from 6pm to 8pm SLT at Bay City stage and share stuff with the rest of the SL community either by voice or text. It’s going to be great fun during this special occasion. Everyone is welcome to attend!

The Pen proudly presents Espresso Yourself night, Tuesday, the 3rd of December from 6-8 p.m. SLT.

What is “Espresso Yourself?” It’s a chance to take your spot on the stage and share. Tell a joke, share your poetry, read a chapter from your favorite book, sing a song.  Just share! Voice or Text. Talent not required, but passion is mandatory. Also, no mimes.

The Pen, located in the heart of Bay City – Mashpee

Main Stage!




Christmas at Winter Holiday Village in Second Life

Check out the magical and wonderful Christmas at Winter Holiday Village destination in Second Life today because it’s celebrating its 5th winter season on the grid. Go sim-wide ice skating, visit the polar bear pond, penguin park and meet Santa to celebrate the Christmas season. The event runs through until Tuesday 24th December 2013.

It’s a lovely location to visit if you are in the mood for Christmas season currently and it’s a great location to take snapshots of the amazing winter landscape. So far it’s one of the best Christmas villages I’ve visited on the grid and so this becomes my top personal favourite destination.

Check out my Christmas at Winter HolidayVillage snapshots below to see the regions in more detail. 

  • Click snapshots to view them larger 





My personal rating: 10/10