Alliez Mysterio has sadly passed away

Alliez Mysterio

Breaking news from the Relay For Life group in Second Life today that SL resident Alliez Mysterio has passed away to Breast Cancer 2 weeks ago which is deeply sad news. Alliez Mysterio was the owner of dAlliez Estates and one of the creators of the Estate System in Second Life.

Alliez Mysterio joined Second Life on 22nd April 2004 and her first sim was opened in December 2004 called Rue dAlliez. It was home to T1Radio and the Relay Rockers team until 2011 which is well-known. Alliez Mysterio supported Relay Rockers and Relay For Life in Second Life since 2005.

It’s sad to hear that a well-known member of the Second Life community has passed away in real life and she will never be forgotten. This is the group notice posted today from Relay For Life group in Second Life on the passing of Alliez Mysterio…

it is with deep sadness and sense of loss that i share with all of you the passing of Alliez Mysterio to Breast Cancer.
Alliez was the owner of dAlliez Estates and one of the creators of the ‘Estate System’ in Second Life. Her first sim Rue dAlliez was opened in Dec 2004 and was the home of T1Radio and the Relay Rockers team until 2011.

Alliez was a founding member of the Relay Rockers and sponsored and supported the team and Relay For Life in Second Life since its inaugural event in 2005.

Losing Alliez is a loss not just to those of us who knew and loved her, but to all of Second Life.

Please join Nuala and I in extending sincere condolences to Sue Peregrine, her daughter, and to her families in both worlds. We will miss our dear friend very much.

This year’s Holidays Of Hope Ball will be held in Alliez’ honor, and the 2014 Relay Rockers will be dedicating our 10th season in honor of one of our founding members.


On Saturday 7th December 2013 all day there will be a memorial service on her sim dAlliez to celebrate her life in RL and to celebrate life in Second Life. Alliez Mysterio favourite musicians and her dAlliez family and friends will be attending. There will be kiosks set up for donations to the American Cancer Society and in the name of Alliez in L$’s.

For more information contact, Trader1 Whiplash, Nuala Maracas, Sue Peregrine, or Polgara LLewellyn in celebrating the SL life of Alliez.

RIP Alliez Mysterio