New Islandz Website Comes Online & Grid Opening Possibly Within Days

The new Islandz website is now up and running this week. It’s important to note that the Islandz website is still under development and some key features are not available yet.

Grid Status: The grid is not open yet.

It’s estimated that the new Islandz grid may be opening within the next few days or so which will be great news. Apparently accounts and logins are expected very soon. Registrations for new users are currently closed until the email and new inventory skeleton creation has been connected up with it successfully.

In the meantime it’s recommended for everyone to download the new Islandz viewer from the downloads page. You can use the Firestorm viewer if you prefer too. It’s worth reading the FAQ before you get started on the Islandz grid for some useful information.

The long wait is almost over. It’s good to hear that things are coming along nicely now and the big launch is just days away. Elenia Llewellyn and Jim Tarber have worked so hard in the past three months or so to build this new grid from the ground up after the closure of the former InWorldz grid back in the summer.

The new Islandz viewer > version > Islandz 1.0.0 (41497)

Islandz Login Screen Page

More updates soon.


New Look At Me Release For Sansar Now Available

Linden Lab released a new Look At Me release for Sansar on Tuesday 7th November featuring a whole new user interface, a first person avatar view, tons of revised controls, new & custom emotes, script raycasting and more. This is a big update for sure with a lot packed into it and I’m sure many will be excited to try this latest release.

Draxtor Despres has a great video on the new Sansar features.

Isabelle Cheren has jumped into Sansar showing off what’s new in this latest release.

What do you think of the new Look at Me release ?

OpenSim Grids Statistics – November 2018

As many know already Hypergrid Business earlier this year announced it was winding down and stopping publishing monthly stats reports which I found most interesting indeed. Maria Korolov did a fantastic job publishing the grid reports every month since the summer of 2009 which is awesome. All the historical grid statistics can be found here.

The last grid report was published back in May 2018 which is some time ago. I’m going to try to find the relevant statistics from OpenSim grids websites and publish them on my blog every quarter.

It’s going to be impossible to include every OpenSim grid because there are too many grids to list and some grid stats are not shown publicly either. My main focus will be on regions and active users to start of with.

November 2018 OpenSim News:

  1. The new Islandz grid (former InWorldz grid) will be going online soon (within weeks) and hopefully the grid owners will display grid stats on their website.
  2. Google+ is shutting down next year and hopefully the OpenSim community will all come together again. Hopefully not all spread all over the place.

Counts For OpenSim Grids – November 2018

Lets get started with some of the popular OpenSIm Grids first and I will add more grids in future reports if the statistics are shown on their websites.


  • Total Regions: 17, 715
  • Worlds: 15, 871
  • Registered Users: 107, 309


  • Total Regions: 7, 635
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 2, 374 Logins
  • Total Residents: 8, 083

Lost Paradise

  • Total Regions: 5, 509
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 796
  • Total Residents: 2, 012


  • Total Regions: 4, 636
  • Unique Visitors Last 30 Days: 4, 181
  • Total Users: 124, 788

Tag Grid

  • Total Residents: 20, 291


  • Total Regions: 2, 322
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 3, 199
  • Avatars Peak Online: 115

Virtual Highway 

  • Total Regions: 687
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 76
  • Total Residents: 7, 520

Discovery Grid

  • Total Regions: 286
  • Users Last 30 Days: 1, 031
  • Active Accounts: 967
  • Registered Accounts: 1, 329
  • Active HG Users 30 Days: 547

Franco Grid

  • Total Regions: 209
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 412
  • Total Residents: 7, 372

Littlefield Grid

  • Total Regions: 205
  • Active Users Last 30 Days: 292
  • Total Users: 3, 097
  • Friendships: 7, 755

Craft World

  • Total Regions: 200
  • Total Users Last 30 Days: 354
  • Total Local Users: 8, 484

3rd Rock Grid

  • Total Regions: 164
  • Unique Visitors Last 30 Days: 653
  • Total Registered Users: 12, 792

Tranquility Grid

  • Total Regions: 57
  • Visitors Last 30 Days: 462
  • Total Residents: 302

Infiniti Grid

  • Total Regions: 30
  • Visitors Last 30 Days: 177
  • Total Residents: 105

UFS Grid 

  • Regions Total: 19
  • Total Users: 1, 796

For more active OpenSim Grids, click here. My next OpenSim Grids stats report will be published in early 2019.

Upcoming Official Inworld Shopping Event For Merchants

Xiola Linden has announced that the lab are looking for Merchants for the upcoming inworld shopping event opening up on Monday 17th December 2018 through until Friday 4th January 2019.

This is a great opportunity for Merchants to bring in new customers and offer them the best items as possible during the Christmas holiday season/new year period. The shopping event will take place across a pack of regions and will be biggest one yet.

Merchants who are interested in participating can sign up using this form. It’s worth mentioning that submissions will close on Tuesday 27th November 2018 with the cut off being at 12.01am SLT on Wednesday 28th November 2018.