My blog has been nominated for Avi Choice Awards 2013

I received good news today that my blog has been nominated for Avi Choice Awards 2013 which is fantastic and thanks so much for voting. Hopefully my SL blog will win this year on 15th December 2013. I’ll have to wait and see.

Congratulations! You have been nominated by your fans for the 2013 Avi Choice Awards in the Entertainment categories. The voting period ends on Dec. 13th and the awards show will take place at the Xmas Expo 2013 regions on Dec. 15th @ 3pm SLT.

The show will be televised on Aview TV and broadcast on T1 Radio. If you are the Avi Choice nominee who receives the most votes, your trophy will be sent to you via your inventory profile on the evening of Dec. 15th or the morning of Dec. 16th.

What is The Avi Choice Awards ? 

The Avi Choice Awards is the premier annual awards presentation recognizing the people and talent of Second Life’s® amazing creations, completely chosen and voted on by SL™ residents.

I can’t wait for the results!