Exciting SL events ahead in 2014

Updated 31st December 2013

Home and Garden Expo 2014

In 2014, Home and Garden Expo (HGE or Expo) is celebrating its seventh anniversary as one of the grid’s premiere fundraising mega-events! The dates have been set, so mark your calendars: Home and Garden Expo will run from May 15, 2014 through May 27, 2014 with a Press Preview May 13 and 14.

Relay For Life in Second Life 2014

Second Life 11th birthday

  • Second Life will officially turn 11 years old on 23rd June 2014. Expect grid wide parties for a few weeks and more. 

BURN2 2014.

  • Events and dates to be confirmed

Bay City 2014 annual events 

  • Bay City will be hosting it’s sixth Bay City anniversary, Hot Bay City Nights, Mole Day, Fashion Week, Tree Lighting and much more. There will be regular meetings and special occasions during the year which is always worth attending.

One Billion Rising 2014 

  • 14th February 2014

VWBPE 2014

  • To be confirmed

3rd Season of the Blackened Mirror

  • To be confirmed


One thought on “Exciting SL events ahead in 2014

  1. Will be the start of Alpha stage of HIFI Universe the next generation stage of the 2.0 Second Life also known as Project HIFI World
    Starting late winter this early next year while it is not directly related to your calendar events its effects long term will be felt for years to come and maybe worthy of further news to share here in your blog once confirmed new info is posted on links provided.
    Beta might be possible years end 2014<_<



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