Second Life events happening in February 2014

It’s time to look ahead to exciting events happening in Second Life during February 2014.¬†If you know of any big events happening please share them in comments. Thanks! ūüôā

Which events are you looking forward to the most during the month of February 2014 ?

Avination first community meeting of 2014

Avination grid team announced new details on the official Avination Blog on 30th January that the first community meeting of 2014 will be held on Sunday 2nd February at 12pm AVN time (9pm CET/8pm GMT/12pm PST) when the Civic Center doors open.

Topics to be discussed at the meeting…

  • New script engine & the possibility of problems from the upgrade & possible solutions
  • Problem reporting (sending useful information to developers/fixing problems fast)
  • Opportunities to advertise events and much more

Visit the official Avination homepage to discover more about the grid.

InWorldz 5th Birthday planning details released

InWorldz will be celebrating its big 5th birthday from 16th March through to 2nd April 2014. This year there will be 21 sims (IW Events sims) to celebrate the biggest birthday that grid has ever seen before. Each sim will be showcasing different aspects of InWorldz and there will be always things to do during the 5th birthday.

See the breakdown below of the InWorldz 5th Birthday regions showing different themes for each. I’m excited already and it’s going to be fantastic this year. I will be blogging for sure about the upcoming 5th birthday in two months time and I’ll be sharing my snapshots on my Flickr stream.

For details can be found on the InWorldz 5th Birthday thread on the InWorldz Forums. For the latest news join the InWorldz Events Committee group on the InWorldz grid to stay updated.

InWorldz 5th Birthday
InWorldz 5th Birthday

Contact Eve / EC / EventsCoordinator InWorldz if you are interested and for more information about the 5th birthday of InWorldz.

Previous InWorldz Birthdays

Are you excited about the 5th InWorldz Birthday ? Share your views in comments. Thank you! ūüôā

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2014, press release

BURN2 2014

The BURN2 planning team have released a brand new press release today announcing details of the upcoming¬†BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2014. This will be the first big BURN2 event on the event calendar this year for the BURN2 community to enjoy in Second Life. Every year it’s great fun for everyone and more visitors attend the annual BURN2 events which is always a good thing.

The BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2014 starts at 12pm SLT on 28th March through to 30th March 2014. Invite friends and enjoy the 2014 playa experience.

Press Release 


Join us from March 28th-30th in Second Life for a totally different playa experience!

At a time far into our future, the earth has been devastated by a multitude of scourges: harsh climate change, pollution, famine, and war. The playa is one of the last inhabitable places on earth, but toxic fumes cover the ground and rise to 100 meters. The only safe living environment is above the toxic gas at ground levels as the playa’s winds help purify the air at this altitude. Passing through this toxic ground zone is possible, but long term exposure can be fatal.

One redeeming factor of the toxin is that when it is captured, placed into a balloon and mixed with the correct proportion of playa dust, it takes on the form of a very powerful, lighter-than-air gas.  A single five-meter balloon can lift thousands of pounds into the air.

The gaseous concoction has been fondly named Fairy Dust. Modern manufacturing no longer exists. Everyday items are scavenged from the remains of abandoned buildings.  Humans have learned to survive by creating with their own hands. They build platforms supported by balloons filled with Fairy Dust. These floating platforms are the hosts for a new civilization above the ground.  The citizens of this floating city commute by building lighter than air vehicles. They are powered by whatever means can be found and lifted into the air by balloons filled with the Fairy Dust.

Every Spring the residents of this community celebrate a renewal of life. Balloons have been the savior of this city. Residents design and decorate their lifting balloons as part of the Equinox celebration. This tradition has been carried down from their ancestors from when the earth was plentiful. They celebrate this event in hopes that the earth will renew itself. They celebrate the clean air that still exists high in the clouds. They celebrate their existence on earth, as different as it might be from their ancestors. They are ALIVE!

Become a citizen of this Playa City in the Sky and celebrate Burnal Equinox by creating a build on one of our 32x32x40 floating platforms!

 Please read the Builders Guidelines and then submit an application that will be entered into the lottery for selection for the event.