Andrew Linden leaves Linden Lab

SL Breaking News: During today’s server scripting meeting Andrew Linden made a big announcement that he is leaving Linden Lab on 19th December 2013 which is very shocking news and sad because Andrew Linden has been with the lab since the early days of Second Life. Andrew Linden was a great developer at the lab and he joined Second Life on 2002-06-04. So that’s 11 years and 6 months ago.

  • C++ developer at Linden Lab
  • Worked on SL servers & backend architcture
  • Participated in weekly Simulator User Group office hours
  • Answered questions on server bugs, architecture, and the current state of development in LL

Andrew Linden final farewell message

This is going to be my last User Group meeting as a Linden: I’ve decided to leave LL and pursue other things. I’ve really enjoyed these User Group meetings, which is why I’ve been showing up all these years.

Andrew Linden confirmed his new project 

I’m going to join Philip and his new project. Not because I don’t love SL or am not excited about what LL is working on, but because I’m ready for a change, and I really like working with Philip.

Andrew Linden will be missed deeply by the SL community after today. I wish him all the best in his new job at High Fidelity with Philip Rosedale and thanks for making Second Life a better place to be..

Andrew Linden


5 thoughts on “Andrew Linden leaves Linden Lab

  1. Start to fear for Linden Lab becoming more and more redundant and that High Fidelity Hype being increasingly promoted, when i don’t forgot what he said about SL users!
    And for sure a faceless SL unless LL managed to replace Andrew faster, by someone, at least as loved and well informed about the community needs and hopes!


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