The Bay City Tree Lighting 2013 rocks

Today the annual Bay City tree lighting event took place over at Bay City Fairgrounds in Second Life featuring live music, a skate party and a silent auction between 1pm to 4pm SLT on Sunday 8th December 2013. This year I saw many new changes including a Christmas themed stage and a snow-covered region which looked absolutely brilliant.

The Bay City Tree Lighting 2013

Everyone having fun and dancing to the live music.

The Bay City Tree Lighting 2013

The guests: GoSpeed Racer, Grace McDunnough and Christov Kohnke put on a great show this year for everyone. Every year the annual tree lighting gets better and bigger with more visitors attending. All funds raised during the event have will be sent to the Child’s Play Charity soon.

The Bay City Tree Lighting 2013

Great flower/Christmas stage this year.

The Bay City Tree Lighting 2013

Awesome work by Marianne McCann, Pygar Bu, and The Linden Department of Public Works, Michael Linden for decorating North Channel region for this special annual event. It’s the best one yet. Bring on 2014! 😀


Episode two of The Blackened Mirror Season 2 airs

Episode two called Old Friends of The Blackened Mirror season 2 aired today at 2pm SLT and now it’s available to watch now. Episode two runs for seven minutes and nineteen seconds. I think there is alot of action and dark scenes in this episode. It’s great series so far and everyone should watch The Blackended Mirror for many exiting surprise and twists.

Epsiode 2 details

Quinn has been brought face tio face with his past, in the shape of the mysterious Doctor. What secrets are hidden in the Asylum – and is there anty safety, even beyond its walls?

See below for the updated season 2 release schedule for 2013/2014 upcoming episodes so that you won’t miss anything.

Season 2 Release Schedule

  • Episode 2.1 : Reversals of Fortune (Dec. 1)
  • Episode 2.2 : Friends of Old (Dec. 8)
  • Episode 2.3 : Catching Up (Dec. 15)
  • Episode 2.4 : “Missing You” (Jan. 12)
  • Episode 2.5 : “No More Angels” (Jan. 19)
  • Episode 2.6 : “Decisions” (Jan. 26)

What do you think of this episode ? 

SL Oculus Rift viewer coming soon

It’s possible that before the end of 2013 Linden Lab may release a Oculus Rift viewer for Second Life if everything goes to plan otherwise don’t expect anything until January/February 2014. Apparently the Oculus Rift consumer version won’t be released until late 2014. Expect the official announcement and timeline soon.

Voidpointer Linden mentioned Oculus Rift in a recent Beta Server Office Hour.

  • VoidPointer Linden: Adding support for Oculus Rift is feature-complete and should be released “soon”.
  • VoidPointer Linden: More information will be in an upcoming announcement, and I can’t give an exact timeline, but it’s close

Recently there has been news that Linden Lab have finished making the Oculus Rift viewer which is fantastic news. I’m sure there will be huge interest on the grid when it finally launches and many will try this out for sure. It’s the next big thing for Second Life!

More updates soon. Stay tuned!