Save the historical SL Globe Theatre

SLURL: Visit mShakespeare theatre venue today.

Over the weekend I heard the news that the historical SL Globe Theatre is in danger of losing two regions in Second Life. Ina Centaur SL account profile has been disabled which is terrible news I think. In the past I have visited this amazing theatre and attended some great live performance events. Ina Centaur posted a message on SLNP on the 27th May 2011 explaining details about payments and happenings. I really hope Linden Lab will listen and will not remove these regions. Another good thing to do is to enable Ina Centaur SL account again.

Check out this full message from Ina on the Shakespeare situation.

Inevitably, the 4-Sim SL Globe Theatre will be losing two sims, and Second Life would be losing a rare historical theatre for live performance with large audience capacity. The timeline for deletion is uncertain, and it might happen any day now. But…

Myself and several others have made appeals to Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble on saving my account and these two sims, and thereby the 4-Sim SL Globe Theatre. It’s not yet clear what his decision is or how divine intervention might come to play. Perhaps, there’s still hope…

Hopefully the SL community can come together and make sure that SL Globe Theatre survives into the future with enough funding etc. I will post more soon.


3 thoughts on “Save the historical SL Globe Theatre

  1. Here we go again. How many times in the last year have we faced the harsh reality of a Linden Lab in deep water? The classic and beautiful re-creations in SL have been among the strongest selling points when explaining the virtual world to potential new residents. But the best of the best are disappearing. LL is not advertising its product to the RL general public. It relies almost entirely on our word of mouth. If the Lab won’t spend money on spreading the word, the least it could do is take extraordinary steps to preserve the best sites in-world so our individual promotional efforts can be well-founded and effective.


  2. Thanks for posting this David, it is so important!

    The Globe and the SL Shakespeare Company are exquisite examples of the creative possibilities of Second Life. They have been two of the projects we could always refer to when the media here in Germany were bashing SL for fraud and pornography, which they have done for almost three years beginning in 2007.

    Without Ina, the Globe would have never happened, so I really hope she and LL can work out some sort of solution.

    Also, I’m glad to see so many SL residents are ready to support Ina by means of donations, and I think it’s absolutely awesome two of the four sims are obviously paid for – that’s real money. As the Globe Theatre is not that large, maybe it can be moved from the 4-sim-intersection onto one of the remaining sims?


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