A visit to Caledon Oxbridge

I went to visit Caledon Oxbridge on 10th May 2011 in Second Life, a Community Gateway that offers daily SL classes, freebies, live helpers, sandbox and tutorials for new residents. Caledon Oxbridge was founded on 25th of July 2008, owned by Desmond Magic. Caledon (56080 m) is a 19th century Steampunk Victorian nation-state and is a well-known location in Second Life. I recommend you check out Caledon Oxbridge and take some time to walkthrough the viewer 2 tutorials if your new to Second Life.

Help. Lessons. Tutorials. Assistance. Helpers. New. Support.  People Helping People. Free Clothes. Building Area. Mentors. Guide. Guides. New Residents. Learning. Learn. Fun. Activities. The Independent State of Caledon Community Gateway.

New resident experience rating

  • Newbie Friendly: 10 out of 10
  • Overall Experience: 10 out of 10

Today Caledon Oxbridge is rated (G) General sim today and the Caledon Oxbridge University group inworld group now has 5, 848 members which is awesome. Caledon Oxbridge still gets high traffic today and it’s shown under the Newcomer Friendly section on the Destination Guide.

Caledon Oxbridge experience is amazing and definitely worth doing. Check out my latest snapshots of Caledon Oxbridge in Second Life. What are your experiences of Caledon Oxbridge? Feel free to comment.

Linden Lab deletes pages from the SL wiki

Apparently Linden Lab have been cleaning up the SL wiki in recent days and there is a sense of anger from the SL community. This message appears when you visit the SL wiki at the moment.

Please excuse the dust! We’re cleaning up and reorganizing the Second Life wiki.

Around 80 or so Linden Lab employees and ex-Linden pages have been deleted. It would have been nice if Linden Lab asked around during inworld meetings first and archive the pages like the archived threads on the SL Forums. Removing part of Second Life history is not good at all.

Tateru Nino received a official Linden explanation about the deleted pages from the SL wiki.

“After a careful review of the content, we’ve removed a number of pages from the Second Life wiki as part of an ongoing clean-up effort, designed to make that resource more current, more helpful, and less confusing than it has been in the past. Where appropriate, we’ll move valuable content (relevant tutorials, for example) to other pages.“

Most of the pages did have useful SL information on them and this deletion is a huge blow. The SL wikia you can still find town hall transcripts, Linden profiles and historical Second Life content.

What do you think of the deletion of SL wiki pages ?