SLCC 2011 planning details announced

The SLCC 2011 blog team published a new post on 26th May 2011 called Second Life Community Convention 2011 and Beyond, announcing some planning details for this year’s event which will be hosted in San Francisco, CA / August 2011.

We have some new ideas that we’d like to share and we want to invite you to join us on the planning committee to help make this year’s convention a community event like never before!

Interesting bits from the post mentioning the future for SLCC.

This year we are excited to announce what we call the “Bi-Coastal Convention Plan”. Moving forward, we plan to hold the convention in the Boston area in even numbered years, and in the San Francisco area in odd numbered years, and always in the first half of August (the first or second weekend, depending upon venue availability).

The reasons for this are pretty simple. It’s partly out of convenience, since AvaCon is headquartered in Boston and Linden Lab is headquartered in San Francisco

In addition, we also feel it is a very good thing to visit Linden Lab in their own back yard (so to speak) every couple of years to ensure that our voices are heard.

We’ve also done extensive surveys of attendees and both Boston and San Francisco have been the highest rated cities. Finally, though no date is good for everyone, early August tends to catch the majority of Residents after summer vacations but before the start of the school year.

Of course this decision probably still won’t please everyone, but we believe that establishing a set schedule of convention cities and general dates will be of great benefit to the community and to the planning team. 

 This means that we can announce today that we plan on having next year’s convention in Boston!

SLCC 2011 location and dates announcement next week.

We look forward to announcing the exact location and dates of the Second Life Community Convention 2011 next week, and we’ll have more information for sponsors, volunteers, and the call for proposals for presenters very soon.

In the meantime, thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!