Blondin Linden leaves Linden Lab

Just heard the news that Blondin Linden last day at Linden Lab was yesterday, according to this recent Bay City Alliance group notice sent out today. The reason for him leaving is unknown at this stage. Snapshots of Blondin Linden on Flickr here.

Blondin joined Linden Lab in May 2008 and was involved in many different roles and projects at Linden Lab including:

It seems that does not exist anymore. is still up and running for now. I knew Blondin Linden on Twitter, inworld events and during inworld office hours. Blondin will be missed!


4 thoughts on “Blondin Linden leaves Linden Lab

  1. I know it’s traditional to pull a sad face when anyone leaves a company. But I just can’t do it this time.

    It’s not a “sad departure” for me. Blondin did more than just about anyone except M Linden to harm the Second Life social contract. He was a pure corporate shill and would lie to your face if he thought it was expedient. Actions taken under Blondin’s management are, to a significant extent, responsible for today’s glut of Mainland and low land prices. Goodbye…and good riddance.


  2. I’m surprised he survived the big cull however unfair to load him with the land issue. Whoever was behind Linden homes did that and the whole Zindra issue. But was Blondin one person or a role filled by other staffers too? He/they did their best but their hands were tied. Unfortunately he was dispensible, he did try but it is a brave person that acts as intermediary between the revolting residents and the lab…


  3. I have sent a message to Adam Blondin on Twitter to see if he will continue to use Twitter etc. Sad news still..


  4. Sorry. I agree with Lindal Kidd. Two years ago when the whole Adult Content fiasco started at the Lab, Blondin was the corporate shill handling the flak.

    I stated I believed unequivocally in blog comments that the Adult Content Policy was the first move LL was making to merge the Grids. Blondin categorically denied it stating the Lab had no plans to do that. And I called him a liar to his face. Here it is 2011 and there’s a merged Grid.

    Admittedly, he was just following the orders of his masters in the Executive Offices. The new “Community Portal” was supposed to bring greater transparency and better communications. It’s resulted in less.

    Blondin, like so many others, loved to blow sunshine up our a**es. Meanwhile, Mainland PG & Mature land isn’t worth a tinker’s dam*. Buying land on Zindra is astronomical last time I looked. And the press continues to call it the once-hyped virtual world Second Life™.

    Maybe LL is finally figuring out that they’ve managed to well and truly slay the golden goose.

    Good bye Blondin. I, for one, won’t miss you.


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