SL Economy, Q1 Metrics 2011

BK Linden published Q1 2011 SL Economy Metrics on 6th May 2011.  Overall not that great in growth terms for the start of 2011. I see that there was no metrics on the Second Life Marketplace performance which is a shame. Many areas of the SL economy showed decline during Q4 and this year it seems to be flat again during Q1.

Rodvik Linden published Improvements to Usability including recent developments on the new resident experience, viewer basic avatars, login screen and return of the Resident Help Network. I was hoping to see growth in usage hours, update on SL concurrency and for the SL Marketplace. It’s going to be interesting to find out what the Q2 2011 SL Economy metrics will be. Hopefully by then things have picked up and not another set of flat sl metrics.

Here’s the highlights of  Q1 2011 SL Economy Metrics

Efforts to improve operating focus and cost structure have resulted in two consecutive quarters of strong cash flow and profitability with Q1 2011 the most successful in Linden Lab’s history.

In Q1 2011, measures of the size and strength of the Second Life Linden Dollar economy improved slightly while users, usage and world size were consistent with the last few quarters.
  • There has been a positive trend since the new registration experience was introduced on April 11.
  • The value of the Linden dollar has continued to improve from Q4 2010 and is at its highest level in the last 6 quarters.
  • The US dollar value of Linden dollars held by Residents of Second Life has increased for the third consecutive quarter.
  • In Q1 2011, the LindeX Volume was at its highest level in the last 6 quarters.
Staying the same
  • Average monthly repeat logins have been virtually unchanged over the previous 3 quarters.
  • Similarly, user hours have remained consistent over the last 3 quarters.
  • World size has also stayed within a 1% range over the last 3 quarters.