SL Mesh, Week 20

Week 20: Here are some updates from the Mesh user group meeting hosted on 16rh May 2011. Recent progress and happenings..

Can you give us an update on your recent progress and what your current priorities are? [Vivienne Daguerre]

davep (runitai.linden): still working on the merge to viewer-development, unfortunately

davep (runitai.linden): and working on mac issues WRT the merge

Format changes

davep (runitai.linden): the viewer work is done, and the simulator verifier is working, but we’re blocked on a new upload path for testing

davep (runitai.linden): so we’ve been testing the new format by manually running test objects through the verifier

Nyx Linden internal format change, not input format change 🙂

Physics news

Falcon Linden By the way, here’s some physics news:

Falcon Linden Make sure your physics meshes have consistent counter-clockwise winding

Falcon Linden (for best performance)

Hopefully soon we will get the timeline for Mesh for the main grid. In the mean time I will continue to publish regular updates on Mesh.

Here are some recent interesting mesh articles written by Loki Eliot (top link) and Maria Korolov (below link) .