My Favourite Inworldz Top Ten Places To Visit, May 2011

It’s been a while since I last published my recommendations for places to visit in Inworldz. This is the May 2011 edition guide with many cool landmarks.

  1. Raglan Shire – The Tinies of Raglan Shire are growing a City in a Giant Tree!
  2. InWorldz Desert – Welcome area for new residents & volunteers ready to help out
  3. Blue Mermaid Lagoon – The deepest underwater sim InWorldz
  4. MOOVILLE –  Live* Work *Play
  5. Inworldz Birthday Sims – Visit and view the amazing birthday builds
  6. Railroad Valley – Dance, explore and enjoy the open areas of Railroad Valley
  7. S&S Gallery of Fine Arts – The Home of The S&S Gallery of Fine Arts.  InWorldZ’s biggest, best and most beautiful gallery of fine art.
  8. Paradis Perdu – Paradis Perdu is  a great place to explore and shop – four great stores and counting. There’s lots to do here.
  9. Dreamscape – A fairy tale garden full of fantasy and dreams, explore, dance or sit by the fire for conversation.
  10. Benski’s Builds – Palace, Palaces, house, houses, prefab, prefabs, castle, castles, cathedral, cathedrals, homes, buildings, custom
  • NOTE: Click on blue links for SLURLS (use Inworldz viewer)
  • Enjoy!

Interesting stats (4th May 2011)

  • Viewer Version: 1.2.5 was ( in November 2010)
  • Total Users: 36, 352 was (22, 064 in November 2010)
  • Region Count: 870 was (680 in November 2010)
  • Average concurrency: 100-300 (Estimated)