InWorldz Phlox rollout

On 24th May 2011 overnight there was alot of excitement about the new InWorldz Phlox rollout. The new Phlox script engine rollout is now enabled on the InWorldz grid. Apparently the final Phlox build version is InWorldz 0.6.2 R1070 and you can check the server version by clicking on Help > About InWorldz. Back in March 2011 there was a post about Introducing InWorldz Phlox to the grid.

R1070 Grid Update Changes

Over the past year or so InWorldz has been making great progress and i’m sure there’s more to come during 2011. If you log into InWorldz today and you will be able to enjoy the new phlox rollout engine. Well done to the phlox team for improving grid performance, fixes and stability. Yay!