Pixel Mode closing temporarily

It’s been announced that Pixel Mode store & sim will be closing temporarily while Tya Fallingbridge will be taking a break for the summer. There were reports saying that Tya would leave but that it not going to happen. Good news for the long term of the store and sim I think. Again this shows how real life does get in the way meaning that we spend less time in Second Life as a result.

Check out this message sent out just recently..

To My Customers.

For almoast 8 years i have been in SL, I have kept to myself. I have taken pride in everything I have done and accomplished. I have taken pride in helping each person that I can. I have enjoyed meeting everyone that I have come across. I marvel everday when I am here at the beauty and creativity that flows through this community.

This last year, my real life has come apart. from my grandfather dying, my grandma being in coma for 3 weeks, my family fighting over my grandfathers will, my favorite uncle has prostate cancer my dog died and I returned to school after 25 years . during all this i have tried to take care of any issues that have come up here in Second Life. I have tried to get back to everyone. I have tried to maintain a degree of quality in my product for you.

I do this alone. I do not have a team behind me. Its just me.

I want to apoligize if you never heard back from me. I sorry if you think my product is to hard to use. Iam sorry if i never got back to you. i am sorry that second life ate your notecards. i am sorry my Im ‘s get capped. I am sorry for trying to do it alone. I am sorry for not being perfect.

I have valued everyone of my customers since Pixel Mode opened in June 04.

I sent out picture diagrams yesterday for 3 ways to match your skin tone to anyone of my shoes that contain prim feet

Lady T
Fae Wedge

I sent this because I know some people do not read notecards and that looking at a diagram is easier for some people. In no way shape or form was this to say that anyone that has trouble using my PM Skin HUD was stupid. Far from it. I have always stated if you need help customizing I am available. But I cant help you if you dont reach out.

I have a support email. If you do need help, please email me at

For those that like to mailiciously attack others, remember, there is a person behind the screen. Just like you are a person. I am to.

After the Shoe fair, I am temporily closing my store and sim.