Second Life Mobile Beta Invites

It appears that Linden Lab are sending out beta invites this week to selected members of the SL community to try out a new mobile version of Second Life. The program will need to receive good feedback over the next few months and if it does then I would imagine Linden Lab will announce/release it to the whole SL community sometime in 2014/2015. It’s another step closer!

We’re looking for enthusiastic beta testers to evaluate a version of Second Life designed for mobile devices.

Sound interesting? Then simply…

We’ll email those selected when the program begins and check in periodically over the next couple of months to get their feedback. 

This is your opportunity to be among the first to try a new mobile version of Second Life, and we hope you’ll help us to make it a great product with your input.

Thank you for your consideration!

Linden Lab

For years I have been hoping for Linden Lab to bring out a official Second Life app on the Apple app store and also on Google Play on Android. Linden Lab does have competition I think with the popular SL/OpenSim Lumiya app running on Android smartphones/tablets.

We will have to see what Linden Lab will come up with and I really hope the new mobile version of Second Life will work out in the long run.



6 thoughts on “Second Life Mobile Beta Invites

  1. Lumiya is very very good. So if I can decide between the creation of a resident and another corporate product, then I prefer the resident creation.


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