Peter Gray from Linden Lab responds to Kylie Sabra about TOS changes

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At some point late yesterday night (24th October 2013) Peter Gray who is the Director of Global Communications of Linden Lab sent an email response back to Kylie Sabra regarding the concerns that the UCCSL (United Content Creators of SL ) group have. So far the UCCSL group inworld has 439 members and it’s growing on a weekly basis. This is a quick response from Linden Lab which always good to see happening when issues occur. Hopefully communications will continue in the coming weeks to work something out. 🙂

Summary so far:

  • It appears that Linden Lab have declined the invite for a meeting inworld with the leaders of the UCCSL group to try to resolve this.
  • Linden Lab are now currently reviewing what changes can be made to resolve concerns of content creators in Second Life, specifically protecting content creators intellectual property ownership.
  • Linden Lab mentions “as an agent of content creators (such as yourselves), licensed to sell and re-sell such content”.
  • Linden Lab are “optimistic” and working hard to provide a “mutually agreeable and beneficial way forward”.

Check out the full email below from Peter Gray…


Email from Peter Gray


What do you think about this response and what should happen next ?


The Blackened Mirror Season 2 returns in December 2013

A new video trailer has been posted for a brand new Season 2 of The Blackened Mirror filmed in Second Life which returns in December 2013 for six episodes. The trailer runs for 46 seconds featuring The Blackened Mirror crew and a quick inside look. You really don’t want to miss season 2 because it’s going to be fantastic and ten times more exciting. The repeats of Season 1 can be found here.

Trailer details for Season 2 of The Blackened Mirror

The popular series, The Blackened Mirror, is back for Season Two! The story will keep you on the edge of your seat through all six episodes! The twists and turns this season will keep all of our loyal fans thrilled! Enjoy this small taste of things to come!

Will you be watching Season 2? – please comment. 🙂