Happy 7th Anniversary, Grendel’s Children

Grendel’s Children is celebrating it’s 7th anniversary in Second Life and to mark this special occasion there has been a big birthday hunt in the Avaria Tor region (SLURL) for the past week. I’ve been visiting Grendel’s Children since late 2008 and I have to admit it’s the one of the best places on the grid to purchase avatars and hang out with friends. Prices range from anywhere between 1L to 250L+ on a number of platform layers at Grendel’s Children.

Exceptional Avatars ~ Reasonable Prices ~ Since 2006 !!

Grendel's Children 7th birthday

Grendel's Children 7th birthday

Grendel's Children 7th birthday

Hurry its the last week of hunting at Grendel’s!


SL Events to attend during October 2013

As the autumn season gets under-way and Christmas is only two months away it’s time to look at the big events in the month ahead. Halloween (31st) is a special time for me because this year it marks my 7th rezday in Second Life. At the start of every month I try to make a list of the big SL events and share it on my SL blog.

Links and dates can be found below showing…

SL Events happening in October 2013:

Other SL events happening in October 2013

Do you know of any more SL events happening this month  ? 

Second Life statistics 2013 autumn update

This is the autumn update of Second Life statistics 2013.

My last post on Second Life statistics was published on 2nd July for the summer update and starting now I’ll be publishing on a seasonal basis (spring, summer, autumn and winter) on the very latest statistics on Second Life. I really do hope the SL economy will start growing again either in the last three months of 2013 or during 2014. There have been many new improvements made to Second Life during 2013 which have been successful and liked by many residents of Second Life. in 2014 hopefully there will be more exciting new things to come which may increase the popularity of Second Life again.

Total Regions

Since 2nd July 2013 total regions in Second Life have still been dropping and the big shock of the summer was that on 21st July private regions dropped below the 20, 000 regions mark for the first time since 28th June 2008 which is cause for concern. The net loss of regions was much higher last year and this year it’s been rather low this year until now because it’s starting to rise up again. The good news of 2013 so far is there was small growth of 13 regions in private estates back in March 2013 which was great news. It would be good to see another increase before 2014 but depends on many factors.

On 6th January 2013

  • Total main grid regions: 28, 036
  • Total private estates: 20, 921 
  • Total Linden owned: 7, 115 

On 21st July 2013

  • Total main grid regions: 27, 079
  • Total private estates: 19, 997
  • Total Linden owned: 7, 082

On 1st October 2013

  • Total Main Grid regions: 26, 729
  • Total Private Estates: 19, 645
  • Total Linden owned: 7, 084

Updates on Net Loss

  • Between January 2012 to December 2012 the net loss was 11.3%
  • The net loss of private estates back on 21st July 2013 was 995 regions – 4.7%.
  • From the end of 2012 to 30th September 2013 now stands at a 1347 regions – 6.4% drop

SL Daily Concurrency Levels

Since July 2013 the daily concurrency levels seem to be reaching a peak of 56, 000 to a low peak of 28, 000 on a daily basis during the past 3 months. The median daily concurrency is steady around the 45, 000 mark with the mean daily concurrency being around 44, 000 mark. The numbers have dropped since the January 2013 which is very alarming. I’m sure the numbers will rise during the autumn/winter months and we will have to wait until December 2013 to see if it has or not. 

SL Signups

As of 28th September 2013 there have been 35, 425463 sign ups for Second Life since the launch. At the start of 2013 SL sign ups were reaching 16, 000+ and then there was a rather huge surge in sign ups during April 2013 to 17, 000 sign ups every day according to dwell on it statistical graphs. Today there are between 13, 000 to 15, 000 new SL sign ups on a daily basis arriving in Second Life.

  • Check out my SL Metrics blog page for more interesting stats
  • The next update will be published in December 2013