BURN2 2013 Press Day adventures

At 12pm SLT today BURN2 2013 press day officially opened to SL press and SL bloggers with 30+ avatars attending the starting press area on the Deep Hole region in Second Life. This year marks my 5th visit to BURN2 and its one of the best annual events on the grid that the SL community hosts. The sims, main attractions and events have been revamped this year to make the experience ten times better. Just two days remain until the grand opening when hundreds of avatars will pass through the BURN2 gates then onto the playa. BURN2 2013 will officially open to the whole community on Saturday 19th October 2013.

BURN2 Press Day 2013 includes the following…

  • Main Introductions and info about the BURN2 festival in SL
  • Tour of six sims at BURN2
  • Chance to meet amazing BURN2 artists in SL
  • Chance to explore themed camps, stages and amazing builds

The start of BURN2 Press Day 2013 tour…

BURN2 Press Day 2013

Arriving at the new Center Camp Stage

BURN2 Press Day 2013

Arriving at The Man which has been revamped > (Burns on 26th October 2013)

BURN2 Press Day 2013

Arriving at The Temple which has been revamped > (Burns on 27th October 2013)

BURN2 Press Day 2013

I’ll be blogging during the event, so stay tuned for that. It’s going to be great fun this year!

Qarl Fizz announces closure of region and update on the deformer project

Qarl Fizz (former Qarl Linden) has announced on his blog on 16th October 2013 that he has deleted his region in Second Life. The main reason for leaving was due to the recent changes that Linden Lab made to the terms of service and that he doesn’t want Linden Lab to steal all of his intellectual property.

Qarl writes about the deformer project in the blog post and mentions that Linden Lab have been completely ignoring requests for information and that the lab can’t find time to review hundred of lines of code or answer emails.

Goodbye Qarl and good luck for the future. 🙂