BURN2 2013 Press Day

On Thursday 17th October 2013 marks BURN2 2013 Press Day on the playa in Second Life which is always exciting and inspiring. The press day opens to press members at 12pm SLT and then again at 6pm SLT. It’s a big opportunity to see the resident created BURN2 builds/camps/stages on six regions and take loads of amazing sneak preview snapshots.

The theme for this year is Cargo Cult and it’s expected there will be hundreds of visitors during BURN2 press day and the main BURN2 event.

How do I apply for PRESS DAY?

  1. Visit http://www.burn2.org/presspass and fill out the form
  2. Form deadline is Wednesday 16th October 2013
  3. Invitations will be sent shortly afterwards (allow for a group slot)
  4. Access to BURN2 regions will be possible on Press Day on Thursday 17th October 2013

On Press Day…

  1. Meet & Greet includes information sharing
  2. Dancing will take place along the route to Center Camp and tours will start via cars
  3. Meet artists and theme camps
  4. Have fun!

It’s going to be great fun this year and I’m pretty much excited about being part of BURN2 2013.