Second Life statistics 2013 autumn update

This is the autumn update of Second Life statistics 2013.

My last post on Second Life statistics was published on 2nd July for the summer update and starting now I’ll be publishing on a seasonal basis (spring, summer, autumn and winter) on the very latest statistics on Second Life. I really do hope the SL economy will start growing again either in the last three months of 2013 or during 2014. There have been many new improvements made to Second Life during 2013 which have been successful and liked by many residents of Second Life. in 2014 hopefully there will be more exciting new things to come which may increase the popularity of Second Life again.

Total Regions

Since 2nd July 2013 total regions in Second Life have still been dropping and the big shock of the summer was that on 21st July private regions dropped below the 20, 000 regions mark for the first time since 28th June 2008 which is cause for concern. The net loss of regions was much higher last year and this year it’s been rather low this year until now because it’s starting to rise up again. The good news of 2013 so far is there was small growth of 13 regions in private estates back in March 2013 which was great news. It would be good to see another increase before 2014 but depends on many factors.

On 6th January 2013

  • Total main grid regions: 28, 036
  • Total private estates: 20, 921 
  • Total Linden owned: 7, 115 

On 21st July 2013

  • Total main grid regions: 27, 079
  • Total private estates: 19, 997
  • Total Linden owned: 7, 082

On 1st October 2013

  • Total Main Grid regions: 26, 729
  • Total Private Estates: 19, 645
  • Total Linden owned: 7, 084

Updates on Net Loss

  • Between January 2012 to December 2012 the net loss was 11.3%
  • The net loss of private estates back on 21st July 2013 was 995 regions – 4.7%.
  • From the end of 2012 to 30th September 2013 now stands at a 1347 regions – 6.4% drop

SL Daily Concurrency Levels

Since July 2013 the daily concurrency levels seem to be reaching a peak of 56, 000 to a low peak of 28, 000 on a daily basis during the past 3 months. The median daily concurrency is steady around the 45, 000 mark with the mean daily concurrency being around 44, 000 mark. The numbers have dropped since the January 2013 which is very alarming. I’m sure the numbers will rise during the autumn/winter months and we will have to wait until December 2013 to see if it has or not. 

SL Signups

As of 28th September 2013 there have been 35, 425463 sign ups for Second Life since the launch. At the start of 2013 SL sign ups were reaching 16, 000+ and then there was a rather huge surge in sign ups during April 2013 to 17, 000 sign ups every day according to dwell on it statistical graphs. Today there are between 13, 000 to 15, 000 new SL sign ups on a daily basis arriving in Second Life.

  • Check out my SL Metrics blog page for more interesting stats
  • The next update will be published in December 2013

17 thoughts on “Second Life statistics 2013 autumn update

  1. Barring a large influx of new users who also choose to own land, I expect private regions to continue to decline. There is still more land than there are people who want it. This has been the case since 2010, when LL greatly expanded the land area of SL with new mainland continents (Zindra, Linden Homes, Nautilus and Bay City.) Since mainland regions never seem to go away once they are placed on the grid (probably due to anticipated public outcry), the only place for shrinkage is in private regions.


  2. Well, Linden Lab Ground keeps expensive. besides the other mistakes the make and scare some p[eople out to alternative options. And lets not forget that people need to save money this days. Bad econemy. Still most of the ‘friends’ are in sl. Private regions schrink hard because the are more expenisve, but you see mainland empty to. Thats btw not always bad, it makes mainland more workable if its not stuffed like years ago.

    Need to see wich way its going, and about problems that Linden Labs always make. most times a few people run away, others run away and come back at soem point. and some like me say. Its another round with problems.


  3. Market Place is killing inworld business. So many designers close their big store and land, because people buy at MP. Why keeping a sim, decorating, make SL more beautiful if customers prefer to buy on MP?
    A sim is terrible expensive ! Why do I have to pay 361 $ a month (21 % TVA). Are they really pay this money to the belgian governement? LOL
    It would be great to give a discount for sim owners after a while 🙂
    The day I can’t earn my tiers anymore, I’ll send my sim back too.


      1. While they are unknown, I think by “looking around” you could guesstimate bots are somewhere around 1-10 to 1-20. If that’s around the ball park, then you have your numbers.


  4. I have never seen sl performance this bad since I have been here for many years. I have quit trying to own a business or be creative or produce anything because due to theft and dreadful sales, there is absolutely no incentive to do so. When sl removed gambling and there was a run on a bank I had 15 million lindens in, I lost 12000 rl dollars. This represented a couple years of hard work lost with no effort by Sl to right the disaster they precipitated. Sl has no direction, no leadership, no vibrant economy, and so far management has done nothing but milk the cow. Right now you can barely teleport cant change clothes, are made a runt- inventory lost, nothing rezzes, you are made a cloud and shot up into space with your legs bent back behind your head. Apparently cutting bandwidth, all done to keep the stockholders happy, but eventually this short sighted ignorant strategy will lead to Sl closing its doors.
    If there is any chance for a revival it will come with a savvy game oriented experienced manager and at a substantial investment in updating avatars, rolling back tier prices substantially, and, providing financial support and encouraging entertaining businesses, increasing bandwidth and servers, and making sweeping changes to accommodate more people per sim.
    I was an animator and a more broken interface between poser and sl could not be possible to create. I set it up, but sl refused to meet with poser to correct the serious problems they have. I think this lack of cooperation and desire to fix things has unfortunately marked sl for quite some time, and will most certainly end it.
    I think Philip Linden was a passionate and enthusiastic leader and created a really revolutionary exciting game the bones of which are being ruthlessly picked apart by corporate indifference to anything but profits. I can only advise them to listen carefully to your customers, and invest like crazy before your cash cow runs out of milk.


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