Builder’s Brewery group reaches 20, 000 members

Great news to share is that the well known Builder’s Brewery group in Second Life has reached 20, 000 members which is a big milestone indeed. The record was set on 15th October 2013 and marks the fact that there still interest for educational SL classes. Builder’s Brewery do a great job at teaching in Second Life and it’s life changing for sure.

For creators who strive for excellence at all levels, from celebrated Pro to new. Our goals are to promote the visual & structural quality of SL, by encouraging intelligent design, builds & innovations, through education, sharing & support.

Helping one another is key


Check out the new themed Halloween Builder’s Brewery destination.

Builder's Brewery

Visit Builder’s Brewery today and join the group for free.




BURN2 2013 opens today at 12pm SLT

The big has finally arrived because SL BURN2 2013 will be opening at 12pm SLT today at the Burning Man regions. There is six sims of the playa to visit this year full of amazing and outstanding new creations. The best starting place is to teleport to greeters gate road where everyone will be welcomed and freebies will be given out. The second best thing to do is to visit the artist builds/themed camps then to attend live BURN2 events which are always entertaining.

New BURN2 video from Drax

Teleport to Burning Man – Deep Hole to start the adventures and have fun with friends. 🙂

  • Rangers & Managers are ready
  • Volunteers are ready
  • Artists are ready
  • Theme Camps are ready
  • The Man & The Temple are ready

Final preparations and checks are currently happening to make sure everything is finished/ready for the opening at midday. Stay tuned for BURN2 coverage and spread the word! 🙂

BURN2 2013 regions