Happy 7th Anniversary, Grendel’s Children

Grendel’s Children is celebrating it’s 7th anniversary in Second Life and to mark this special occasion there has been a big birthday hunt in the Avaria Tor region (SLURL) for the past week. I’ve been visiting Grendel’s Children since late 2008 and I have to admit it’s the one of the best places on the grid to purchase avatars and hang out with friends. Prices range from anywhere between 1L to 250L+ on a number of platform layers at Grendel’s Children.

Exceptional Avatars ~ Reasonable Prices ~ Since 2006 !!

Grendel's Children 7th birthday

Grendel's Children 7th birthday

Grendel's Children 7th birthday

Hurry its the last week of hunting at Grendel’s!


4 thoughts on “Happy 7th Anniversary, Grendel’s Children

  1. I found the hunt to be the hardest I have seen — to the point I, and my friends– all very avid and experienced hunters gave up.


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