Philip Rosedale left Linden Lab board in early 2013

New World Notes reports that apparently Philip Rosedale the founder of Second Life left Linden Lab board in early 2013 which is rather interesting. As many know Philip Rosedale officially stepped down as CEO of Linden Lab back in October 2010. Since then Philip Rosedale has been involved with new projects such as: Coffee and Power and now High Fidelity.

Philip Rosedale sends email to Hamlet Au saying…

I left the board around the start of the year [as] I was starting High Fidelity, Philip tells me by e-mail, but on great terms — both Mitch [Kapor] and Linden are both investors in High Fidelity, and I’m still a big shareholder in Linden.

This means that Philip Rosedale can no longer input on future “management decisions, overall direction, or policy formation” for Linden Lab. Check out the Linden Lab leadership page for management roles.


2 thoughts on “Philip Rosedale left Linden Lab board in early 2013

  1. The LL Board has some high-powered members, but this one piqued my interest the most as I used to be very good with Lotus 1-2-3 when I worked with Exxon Corp many years ago. I loved the program.

    The EFF is also an excellent Company and one of the groups that is deeply involved with the Net and they are widely respected.

    Mozilla, being the once ubiquitous browser Netscape shows he is even more deeply involved with the Net, and now Firefox.

    Fascinating…thx for pointing me to their Board page.

    Mitch Kapor

    Mitch Kapor works with startups using information technology platforms to drive disruptive innovation. He is currently a seed stage investor in Uber, Twilio, Inkling and University Now. His focus is increasingly on driving positive social impact, especially in leveraging IT to close gaps of opportunity and access in education, health care and other areas.

    Mitch founded Lotus Development Corporation and designed Lotus 1-2-3, the “killer application” which made the personal computer ubiquitous in the business world in the 1980s. He is the co-founder of The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which protects freedom and privacy on the Internet and the founding chair of the Mozilla Foundation, creator of the open source web browser Firefox. He is also a founding investor in Linden Lab, maker of the first successful virtual world, Second Life.

    Currently he serves on the board of Mitchell Kapor Foundation, which works to ensure fairness and equity for low-income communities of color in the areas of civic engagement, sustainability, and college access and the Level Playing Field Institute, whose mission is to enhance equal opportunity in education and the workplace.

    Mitch is also on the Advisory Board of Generation Investment Management, a firm whose vision is to embed sustainability into the mainstream capital markets.


  2. Hamlet has only just relaised Philip Rosedale left LL and that LL are investors in HF?!

    I knew he was out of touch – but THAT far out of touch? Blimey ….


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