Trying out Olantica Grid

Olantica Grid I signed to today which is part of my new adventures exploring opensim grids to see how the experience compares with the main Second Life grid. This grid is newer to OpenSim providing wonderful content. There is alot of free shops for newcomers and builders at the welcome area. The prices are alright and there friendly mentors waiting to help out at the welcome area.

 Welcome To Olantica “The Lost World”

Registering for Olantica Grid takes a matter of seconds to complete. The next step is to activate the account “Your account has been successfully created, review the information” which can be done by clicking on the blue Activate button. Finally the confirmation page says “Thank you, your account is now active and ready to use.”. This grid is tiny so far but grid communications have been excellent apparently.

Today’s Grid Statistics 

  • Total Users: 185
  • Total Regions: 47
  • Unique Visitors last 30 days: 109
  • Online Now; 19

The first place I arrived was the Welcome Area in Olantica where I was greeted and started to explore this new grid. The welcome area is built near mountains and reminds me of a holiday destination. The first thing you hear when you log into the grid is water and birds singing which is kinda cool. The welcome messages were welcoming and there is info straight away which I like.

  • Welcome To Olantica Daniel Voyager. An Olantica Mentor Will Be With You Shortly.
  • Please Click Link To Join Olantica Info Group. For Information Notices About Olantica Olantica Info.
  • If you require any information, please contact Leslie Kling or ask a Olantica Mentor.

The next thing I discovered was a map of the Olantica Welcome Area which was clearly marked out well. At the welcome area there is a nice selection of landmarks on the wall which is worth looking at and checking out. There is a welcome desk with welcome bots ready to help out when needed.

The landmark categories include: Adult, Cloths & Shoes, Gestures or Tatoos, Hair, Entertainment, Furniture, Land Rentals, Other, Plants & Treets, Points of Interest, Shop Rentals and Skins & Shapes. When clicked on the chosen category it sends you a folder of landmarks which is very useful indeed.

I think this grid is worth joining if you love freebies and love being in a nice beautiful place. 😀


10 thoughts on “Trying out Olantica Grid

  1. Yes-)) Olantica is very pretty and as I have known Leslie and her posse for some time now. I give it a thumbs up…also-))


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