Logging into Lost Paradise on OpenSim part 2

After a week of hearing nothing I received a comment on my part 1 blog post about signing up to Lost Paradise on OpenSim. Big thanks to Cloneu the LP grid founder for informing me on what’s going on with signups. I got to finally log in today to check out Lost Paradise on OpenSim.

The reasons for the delay for signing up was due to griefers which is rather sad I think. On the signup page it now says “Sorry about this but it seems instant access has lead to several “Griefer” attacks”. I wish things like this would not open on opensim grids because it disrupts the service.

We were attacked by the griefer that hit alot of opensim girds.. After having approx. 30 regions to clean up we changed from instant access to one that requires an e mail addy. If it is during the day I usually see it and send out an approval e mail. if at night when I am sleeping the approval goes out first thing in the am.. TY for taking a look at us. Hope you enjoy your visit
LP grid founder

Loading Lost Paradise for the first time today.

Apparently Lost Paradise will be celebrating it’s one year anniversary on Friday 20th November 2012. All residents will receive gifts tomorrow I have been told and most likely there will be parties around the grid.

Happy 1st Grid Day!

Logging in

Yay. I logged into Lost Paradise and arrived at the Welcome Center. The Welcome Center is very welcoming and impressive. The landing spot is at the center of many free shops surrounding the area. Performance wise everything seemed to work well and smooth without any lag issues which was good. I walked around and enjoyed my first visit in Lost Paradise. The first group I joined was Paradise Residents (72 members) for the latest news from the founders/owners.

Welcome Tp Lost Paradise.  We hope you enjoy your stay with us

A nice snapshot of the Welcome Center with me at the center ready to explore the grid.

Next to the landing spot there is a hypergate to teleport to other destinations which was quite interesting because I have never come across one of these before.

  • Places to visit: Welcome Center, Freebie Shops, Rome & 30 Day Free Trial Land on Cambridge.

A snapshot of freebie shops around the Welcome Centre.

A snapshot of the World Map showing grid regions. Lot’s of exploring to do!

Lost Paradise Stats 

  • Regions: 272
  • Users in World: 5
  • Total Users: 226
  • Active Users (Last 30 Days): 150

Sign up to Lost Paradise today here