Hyper Mole passes away from cancer in real life

Marianne McCann has announced that Hyper Mole (sl resident) has passed away in real life who lost her battle with cancer today. This is very upsetting news and deeply sad to blog about this passing. RIP!

Hyper Mole created a Second Life account on 27th October 2009 and since then she has been very well known with the SL community. Hyper Mole was involved in many great build projects for Bay City in Second Life and road projects across Second Life. Hyper Mole will be missed deeply by the SL community and by her real life family/friends. 😦

My snapshot of Hyper Mole from 22nd May 2010. I saw Hyper Mole on many occasions over the years and she was a good friend of mine. Farewell good friend 😦

Hyper Mole picture is now shown on the Schadenfreude Black Feather Wreath at Bay City Community Center today to remember her.

Build projects that Hyper Mole worked on during recent years in Second Life including..

  • Bay City Community Center
  • Signs for Bay City Fairgrounds
  • Falmouth Hotel
  • Hairy Hippo Fun Land
  • Seasonal events like Halloween 
  • Wellington Road
  • Volcano path apart of NCI
  • Crumbi train station
  • Infrastructure work at SL7B and SL8B
  • Many more LDPW/Mole projects since late 2009

Rest in peace Hyper Mole and thank you for everything you did for Second Life. RIP!