My 6th rez day birthday cake from Linden Lab

I checked my emails this morning on my 6th rez day in Second Life and Linden Lab sent me a Happy Rez Day, Daniel email. Thanks so much Linden Lab for sending me my 6th rez day cake. The owl eats the yummy cake and is excited for his 7th rez day next year in SL.

Party time! ūüėÄ

Now it says 6 years in my SL profile inworld. Wooooot!!!!!

Another big milestone reached and many more to come I hope! ūüôā


Today marks my 6th Rez Day in Second Life

Today marks¬†officially my 6th rez day since I joined Second Life. On 31st October 2006 I joined the teen grid when I was a teenager to see what a virtual world was like and Second Life was featured in the news so I decided to sign up.¬†I¬†started to explore the grid as a newbie and didn’t know where to start back in October 2006.¬†2 years after that I transferred to the main grid in December 2008 when I turned 18 years old where I started my adult life.

Previous SL rez days snapshots

  • 31st October 2007: Party underground celebrating 1st Rez Day
  • 31st October 2008: Explored the mainland for my 2nd Rez Day
  • 31st October 2009: 3 hours of live music for my 3rd Rez Day
  • 31st October 2010: Explored cool SL Halloween places for my 4th Rez Day
  • 31st October 2011: Exploring scary halloween places for my 5th Rez Day
  • 31st October 2012: 6th Rezday cake from Linden Lab & London City party
  • My SL rezdays snapshots from the past

Since then I have gained many new friends, new blog followers, uploaded 21, 569 SL snapshots on Flickr and documented Second Life news stories and so much more. I have seen many changes happen to Second Life over the years since 2006 including many good and not so good changes to the grid. Check out my portfolio page for all the hard work that I have done over the years.

The last 6 years have been very exciting, challenging, fun and awesome. I loved exploring new sims, greeting new people and attending popular SL events over the years. Thanks for being part of my Second Life experience so far and here’s to another 6 years. Party time!

Happy Halloween 2012

New InWorldz video showing PhysX RC

Watch this brand new video showing a visual preview of the InWorldz PhysX release candidate by Balpien Hammerer. This video is good and interesting to see the visual status.

InWorldz physics is now testing the final RC stage and needs beta testers from the grid to make it work better. See the new announcement posted by Tranquillity Dexler this week on the InWorldz Forums about the rollout of PhysX RC.

InWorldz PhysX has reach release candidate state. This is a visual status at what has been accomplished to date. Also looking for people to test out the RC.

A visual status

Windows 8 compatibility with Second Life Viewer 3

Today I visited the Microsoft Compatibility Center to see if Second Life is compatible with Windows 8 and the good news is that it is with viewer 3. However Viewer 1 is not¬†compatible with Windows 8 and Viewer 2 there’s no info on yet if it is or not. Windows 8 was launched on 26th October 2012 and if becomes¬†successful that’s still to be seen. Are you using Windows 8 for Second Life ?

Windows 8 Status 

  • Mainstream support: Until 9th January 2018
  • Extended support: Until 10th January 2023

The list of results for Second Life on Microsoft Compatibility Center website search results.

Yay, good news if you want to try SL on Windows 8.

BURN2 2012 week 1 highlights

After 8 days of exploring the 2012¬†playa on six sims, attending dj events, greeting at gate road and blog reporting on BURN2 adventures BURN2 ends for Week 1. It’s not over yet!

There’s been a good amount of coverage of BURN2 this year but I wish that more SL bloggers would cover the event to spread the word¬†further¬†around the SL metaverse.¬†I think all the stages this year are really amazing and very detailed. During week 1 there was a good sense of¬†happiness and joy¬†among¬†BURN2 visitors I think.

Week 2 should be very exciting for the burning of The Man and The Temple next weekend. Many live events will be happening in week 2 and it should be great fun.

Views on BURN2 this year from members of the SL community…

  • Loving it as always
  • Having fun
  • Amazing
  • Fantastic¬†live dj events
  • Great music, all the time

BURN2 2012 survey results for Attending BURN2 2012

  • YES – 32 votes
  • NO – 9 votes

4th November 2012 is the last day of BURN2 2012 then the regions I think will be closed for another year until early 2013.

BURN2 2012 extended for another week

Good news from the BURN Team is that BURN2 will be extended for another week on the Playa. The sims will remain open for another week however live performances will not happen and other events may happen. You can still visit all the builds on all the six regions and take snapshots before the event shuts down for another year. Zombies on the Playa is scheduled for Wednesday the 31st October 2012.

BURN2 2012 > 20th October to 4th November 2012

SLURL:¬†Burning Man – Black Rock¬†–¬†ElectrOniC RaGGaMuFIN!

New times for the burning of The Man and The Temple 2012 which is going to be really exciting this year!

Saturday 3rd November 2012

  • 4am SLT
  • 12pm SLT
  • 8pm SLT

Sunday 4th November 2012

  • 4am SLT
  • 12pm SLT
  • 8pm SLT

More BURN2 Events

SLURL: Burning Man РBlack Rock

Stay¬†tuned¬†for more BURN2 coverage…

Vote in the Hypergrid Business Third Annual Grid Survey

Maria Korolov who is the editor and publisher of  Hypergrid Business has published the third annual grid survey this week. The survey is to find out how happy opensim users are using the popular 15 OpenSim grids. You can rate many different aspects of OpenSim grids including technology, content and support etc.

Last year there was a total of¬†459 responses according to¬†Maria Korolov’s Twitter page.¬†Hopefully many more will vote this year in this new 2012 OpenSim survey and it will help greatly with more accurate results.


Here are the results for 2010 and 2011!

This survey is worth filling out and the deadline for all voting is 31st October 2012.

How is your experience with Opensim Grids ? Feel free to share your views in comments. Thank you!

BURN2 The Man and The Temple 2012 Burn Times

This year at BURN2 2012¬†festival¬†The Man and The Temple will be set on fire until the whole structures burn to the ground. These burns are¬†memorable events at BURN2 and they are very exciting to watch inworld.¬†Here are the scheduled times…

The Man – Burn Times

The Temple –¬†Burn Times

Don’t miss these¬†fantastic¬†big events at BURN2 2012!¬†





InWorldz 2012 Relay For Life sims arrive

The first two InWorldz 2012 Relay For Life sims have arrived this week in time for the InWorldz RFL weekend next month and here is a sneak preview snapshot showing the InWorldz RFL track and¬†surrounding¬†landscape. Search for “ACS, Inbiz” sim and the “ACS, Bilavio’s Furniture” sims on the map if you are logged into InWorldz. Another step closer to the InWorldz Relay For Life event 2012.

InWorldz Relay For Life Weekend 2012

  • Friday 2nd November 2012
  • Saturday 3rd November 2012
  • Sunday 4th November 2012
  • Closing party – 27th November 2012

Group notice informing everyone of the new RFL sims InWorldz today. Here is my first preview snapshot of RFL sims of InWorldz.

The sims are up and ready. We will invite teams to build as soon as track placement is decided.”Go Relay¬†!”

I’ll be blogging more about InWorldz RFL 2012 soon.¬†Todays snapshot showing the InWorldz Desert Island with a halloween theme this week and updated changes. ūüėÄ

Latest InWorldz News (25th October 2012)

  • InWorldz Desert Island has been¬†reorganised this week. Also there are new¬†halloween decorations around the sim!
  • InWorldz Halloween Fight Fest 2012 runs through until 31st October 2012. Visit¬†InWorldz Events A, B, C and D sims!
  • PhysX on the beta regions InWorldz was a success apparently & expecting another¬†announcement¬†soon
  • New grid code rolled out apparently which has¬†dealt¬†with OSG bugs
  • To be confirmed “major¬†revamp” set for InWorldz in the near future (2013-2014)

Snapshot of the InWorldz halloween stage at InWorldz Desert Island this year looking AWESOME!

Great BURN2 2012 videos from Qwark Allen at the Osiris stage

Day 4 at BURN2

Watch these four new videos uploaded yesterday by Qwark Allen who captured live coverage from the Osiris stage at BURN2 2012 in Second Life. Stay tuned for new BURN2 videos when they come available by the SL community. My latest BURN2 snapshots can be found here.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4