BURN2 2012 Feedback Wanted

The core team at BURN2 2012 are now asking BURN2 group members to complete this year’s BURN2 2012 feedback survey. The more feedback received the better for improvements for BURN2 2013 events starting in early 2013. The deadline for submitting feedback is midnight on 14th November 2012.

Volunteer and Performance Survey

Camp Builders and Artists Survey

Suggestions Survey


Feedback I have received so far via Plurk on improvements for BURN2 2013.

  • Needs more SL publicity and more sims
  • More events in the 2nd week
  • Flying rule needs to be changed
  • Press preview day needs to be all day with hourly tours

All objects have been returned it seems at the BURN2 2012 sims after three weeks of celebrations. It’s very quiet and empty again.

I would like to say a big thank you to all BURN2 2012 organisers, camp builders, djs, performances and volunteers etc that have done a amazing job this year. I loved every minute of BURN2 2012 and i’m already looking forward to BURN2 2013 events.