Star Wars SL Mos Espa sim closing down in Second Life

According today’s blog post by Inkline Media the well known Mos Espa sim which is a Star Wars Role-play sim will be closing down on Wednesday 28th November 2012. The sim owner says it’s due to real life and Second Life issues for the upcoming sim closure.

This is very sad news and the sim will be missed deeply. There is one last scheduled role-play between 28th November – 3rd December which details are still unknown for. “The roleplay will be about a sith betrayal in the city and the destruction of Mos Espa. This event will be open to all who wish to join”.

I went to visit and I received this message when I arrived in the sim.

Thank you for visiting Mos Espa,  Daniel!  Please be advised that the sim will close Wednesday, November 28th.

The welcome landing spot snapshot.

The star wars role-play town from above

Visit today before the sim closure tomorrow. Last chance to take snapshots and videos.

Top 5 coffee shops in Second Life

Check out my top 5 recommended coffee shops to visit in Second Life for the best free coffee on the grid. Relax and grab something to eat with friends. Enjoy the coffee adventures of Second Life today!

1 BRB Coffee Shop

A very nice wooden coffee shop next to the sea with trees nearby. Under the coffee shop there is a wonderful waterfall which is very neat. There is room to sit down at the bar and outside. Free drink and food to go around.

2 Cool Beans Coffee Shop 

Cool Beans is a great place to relax and hangout with friends. Enjoy some good music and great coffee. Special menu outside featuring special coffees worth looking at. Check out the amazing seasonal landscape which is really cool.

3 Dennis Cafe 

Dennis Cafe is a small coffee shop in Bay City with live music while drinking coffee. There is outdoor seating ready all year round and here you can relax.

4. Truthball Cafe

Truthball Cafe is a beautiful coffee house and its been in SL since 2008. Features: Winter, Christmas, ice skating, truthball, coffee, hot cocoa, friends, hangout, natural wonderland, live music venue. dancing and lot’s of snow.

5 Starstruck Coffee

Starstruck Coffee is a nice relaxing shop featuring a special menu and seating areas.

On the Second Life Destination Guide there is a section just for Cafes and Cabarets worth exploring in Second Life.