InWorldz is changing server hosting this weekend

InWorldz is changing server hosting this weekend, which will require a full shutdown of the grid in order to properly migrate residents assets and inventory. The grid shutdown will start from 3am PST/IWT on Friday 16th November and it’s expected to be be back up at 3am PST/IWT on Saturday 17th November 2012. Hopefully if everything goes to plan everything should be back up and running sooner.

Many boxes for the move across to the new server host.

The old server host was CariNet. The new server host is RackSpace which rents server space and InWorldz will be apparently be using its servers in the Elk Grove Village in Illinois. For the latest news relating to this server move check out the InWorldz Forums and InWorldz Twitter page for updates.

Good luck to the InWorldz team! 🙂


Happy 9th Birthday SLUniverse

SLUniverse the popular SL forums turned nine years old on 12th November 2012 which is another great milestone. Cristiano the main director announced the SLUniverse 9 Year Anniversary and we are one year away from the big 10th anniversary. Yay!

The stats for SLU is really impressive during its nine years online.

  • Threads: 73, 703
  • Posts: 1, 654, 793
  • Members: 26, 700
  • Blogs: 261
  • Entries: 1, 307
  • More than 400 active users at any time viewing threads etc

I love visiting SLUniverse on a daily basis to see what’s trending for Second Life, virtual worlds and real life news. I joined SLUniverse back on 01-02-2010. I know it’s a favourite with my friends and other SL community users. A big thank you to Cristiano for SLU and all that you do to keep it running. 🙂

I always manage to miss it by one day, but 9 years ago on November 12, 2003 I started SLU. 9 years later, through a lot of changes, turmoil, drama and lolcats, it is still going strong. 

While I keep trying to sell the site to Mercedes or a Chinese automatic chicken conglomerate, it seems I am stuck with you all for awhile yet. And by stuck, I mean I am thrilled by this community. You make me laugh, you make me crazy, you occasionally make me consider restraining orders and also how one can buy a drone, but mainly you make me incredibly happy. I love this crazy liberal pinko commie socialist omnisexual hive collective. 


I hope all of you are still around for the 10th anniversary, and I look forward to seeing what new people become a part of SLU in the year to come. 

Again, thank you. 

Happy 9th Birthday SLUniverse!