InWorldz RFL first season 2012 raised 64,000$Iz so far

The first ever season of InWorldz Relay For Life for 2012 has raised 64,000$Iz so far which is a really good amount for the first year I think. This amount is the “general fund” of RFL of InWorldz and it’s estimated that the first ever Relay for Life season has raised around $1500 USD for the ACS. Team totals will be released soon and hopefully visitor numbers.

I loved going to the fundraising events during the first season of InWorldz RFL 2012. I’m sure in 2013 the InWorldz RFL money amounts will be higher and there will be more interest during the second season hopefully. 🙂

InBiz and Bilavio’s have kindly donated 50,000$Iz each to sponsor the RFL of InWorldz. The first season of RFL of InWorldz ends on Saturday 17th November with a wrap up party that will be massive to celebrate the success of the first year. After the wrap up party the RFL of InWorldz committee will start preparing for RFL of InWorldz 2013 the second season. I’m really excited about 2013 events.

Recap of events during the first season of Relay For Life of InWorldz 2012.

  • Kick-off Ceremony: Saturday, 18 August
  • Halfway There Event: Saturday, 22 September
  • Relay For Life of InWorldz Event: Friday 2 November – Sunday 4 November
  • Wrap-up Party: Saturday, 17 November

Recently I got in touch with Hairy Thor who is chair of InWorldz RFL 2012 and I got this kind response about how this year went.

Hairy Thor: RFL has been a great success for our first year in IW and is due to the participation of all the IW residents.

The InWorldz RFL weekend 2012 rasied more than 100k Iz$. There was around 30 avatars in the two sims provided for this year’s event. The InWorldz RFL Space Event 2012 was a success with a good attendance. I think 2013 will be another great year for InWorldz for RFL events and more good things happening. It’s going to be bigger and better in 2013!

Interested in being part of InWorldz RFL 2013 events ?

  • Contact Bain Finch or Hairy Thor for more information
  • (InWorldz names above)