The owl visits London City Winter Wonderland in SL 2012

Today I went to check out the new London City Winter Wonderland area in Second Life and went ice owl skating for the first time. The owl experience was fun and funny. Around London City in SL there is loads to see and do during the winter season of 2012. The ice skates are free and very comfortable to wear. The sim theme has changed to winter and it looks fantastic. 🙂

London City celebrates the start of the holiday season! Join the fun with concerts every Saturday, an exciting fair, ice skating and other seasonal events at the virtual recreation of real life London’s Winter Wonderland. Events held through November 30.

London City is one of the most popular destinations in Second Life and is featured on the SL Destination Guide every month. London City hosts a variety of live events including live djs, themed events, concerts and competitions.

It’s worth visiting London City in SL during the winter and Christmas season 2012. Have you been yet ?