Flufee on a Meshion – Episode 16: Shooting Stuff

Watch the latest action packed episode (16) of Flufee on a Meshion called Shooting Stuff. Brilliant video and watch out for the big bird reference!

Do you know what your kids are up to? In your average suburban strip mall US army recruiting center – after hours & to pumping music – war games are enjoyed by many youngsters. Hey, it is so much more fun to play under the watchful eyes of the caring expert rather than in your mom’s basement, is it not? Enticed into operating game controllers for possibly ulterior motives, our Pink Hero sees the kind of action that can make or break character: was Flufee really born to shock & awe? We shall see…..

About The Drax Files

Machinima by award-winning media maker Draxtor. Channel also includes the “Flufee on a Meshion” comedy series and some work from the “physical” world. New stuff every month, promised!

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