First InWorldz Halloween Fright Fest 2012

InWorldz is celebrating its first Halloween Fright Fest during the whole of October 2012. It’s open for everyone to explore the Halloween festival on the InWorldz Events sims A, B, C & D. There are 37 shops that are filled with Halloween goodies and treats from the best InWorldz designers on the grid. Check out this scary wonderful event InWorldz and watch out for the ghosts. lol

Teleport Here – Must have a InWorldz account to access these sims 

Places to visit 

  • The Cemetary
  • Haunted Mansions
  • The Haunted Gothic Castle
  • Luna-Tic Park Amusement Park
  • Caverns of Doom
  • And there’s more!

InWorldz Halloween Fright Fest 2012 Events  

Saturday – October 13th
11 AM- MADD Storytelling by Alestria Bravin
12 Noon – The Great Scare-Venger Hunt begins at The Castle Stage

Saturday – October 20th
10 AM- MADD Storytelling by Alestria Bravin
11 AM Freaky Field Day Events

Friday – October 26th
4-6 PM DJ Adam01time Time
6-8 PM DJ kyfire Oakleaf

Saturday – October 27th
12noon-2PM DJ Astoria Luminos
2-4 Kept free for fashion show
6-8 PM DJ ChahtaHatak Giranamo (DJ Chah)

Sunday – October 28th
12 Noon-1 PM Michi Renoir- Classic Piano
1PM-2PM- Ilianor Illios with Yichard Muni- Live Harp & Story Telling
2PM – 4PM DJ Gerrard Winstanley

Monday – October 29th
2-3 PM Prowess Rayna- Classic Piano & Synthesizer
3-5 PM DJ Jim Tarber
5-7 PM DJ Mike Chase

Tuesday – October 30th
2-4 DJ Astoria Luminos
4-6 PM DJ Adam01time Time
6-8 PM DJ kyfire Oakleaf

Wednesday – October 31st
5-7 PM DJ Cataplexia Numbers

Halloween Sim Displays by..

The Caverns Of Doom & Shops- Sim D
Team Genesis- Carnage Genesis, Tiana Genesis, Samyiel Fallen, Nightshadow50 Resident

The Haunted Castle – Sim A
Alternate Metaverse- Mike Chase & Cataplexia Numbers

Luna-Tic Amusement Park – Sim B
NoHaven Halloween Supplies – CheysuliLir Restless

Fear Factory & Haunted House – Sim C
Legendady Creations – Gregg Legendary

Haunted House On The Hill – Sim C
Witchy Woman Designs – Beverly Zauberflote

The Witches Lair – Sim B
Creative Fantasy – Julia Hathor

Offroad Gothic Nightmare – Sim C
Gypsy – cracker taggart

The Gothic Outdoor Shops – Sim B
Lanell – Veovis Nightfire

The Autumn Forest – Sim B
Wolf Tek – Wolf Hartnell

The Praying & Preying Monster & Cathedral – Sim C
Eleseren Grey & Knutz Scorpio

The Graveyard’s Haunted Surround- Sim A
Scrimshaw & Copper Hollow – Tenbears Running, Jay Copperfireld, Lindee Elsmere, Sy Celina

Will you be attending the first InWorldz Halloween Fright Fest 2012 ?


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