Logging into Island Oasis grid

My opensim grid adventures continued today when I signed up for Island Oasis and logged in for the first time. Island Oasis currently has 139 regions on the grid. There are 2, 794 total users so far with 1,018 active users. The Island Oasis website looks really nice with a holiday theme and its very easy to browse around the site. Island Oasis grid started on 11th March 2011 and its growing in size at a good rate.

Apparently you can claim a free virtual island on Island Oasis. The islands are 4,896 sq. meters and allow you up to 280 prims. Upgrade to full regions information can be found here. Homestead sims are only $35Us a month with a big 20,000 prim allowance. There is a Island Oasis marketplace which is worth visiting to buy many cool products from the Island Oasis community.

Island Oasis official website

Island Oasis is free to join, play, upload pics, groups creation and imports. It’s a tiny grid compared with other opensim grids I have signed up for. Here are today’s Island Oasis grid statistics.

Read the latest news and events here on Island Oasis.

There are three steps when registering with Island Oasis which are: 1. Create your Island Oasis avatar, 2. Download one of the Island Oasis Viewers and 3. Run the Island Oasis viewer and log in with your Island Oasis avatar name and password.

The Island Oasis viewer is 36MB and you can download the viewer here. When installing the viewer will go through the extraction process which takes a few minutes to complete. I was using the Zen Viewer which works well with the grid.

I logged in and started at Island Oasis island which seems to be a welcome/orientation sim. A few friendly greeters/mentors there welcomed me to the grid and showed me to many cool places. Help was available straight away which was very useful and I like that.

[02:07] Hello: Daniel Voyager Welcome to Island Oasis. Where your dreams become real

My first snapshot of Island Oasis grid.

The freebie mail with free stuff to grab and use.