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5th Relay For Life of InWorldz season starts 6th August

Starting 6th August InWorldz will be holding it’s 5th Relay For Life of InWorldz season and this year the theme is Relay Round the World, One Hope – One World. Everyone is welcome to participate in this special 5th Relay For Life event for InWorldz.

The 5th Relay For Life of InWorldz season officially starts on 6th August at 9am IWT with a warm up party starting at 8am IWT. Apparently since the the end of 2015 InWorldz community raised Iz$607,919 to this season’s total during the off season.

9 new and returning teams have already signed up for the 5th Relay For Life of InWorldz season and I would imagine that number will rise in the days ahead.  Your Limo to Kick Off can be found here: http://places.inworldz.com/Celebrate/112/124/22

Team Registrations are OPEN if you are interested in being in a team for this year’s event.

  • Relay For Life of InWorldz Fashion week starts 21st until 27th August
  • Relay For Life Weekend starts 15th October from 9am until 9pm IWT

Stay updated on the latest RFL of IW news here.

About Relay For Life of InWorldz: Relay For Life® is the signature fundraiser of the American Cancer Society®. Relay For Life of InWorldz (RFL of IW) will be an annual fall activity taking place in InWorldz®

It’s almost time to RELAY!

InWorldz 7th Birthday Celebrations – Latest Snapshots

Check out my latest snapshots of the InWorldz 7th birthday celebrations happening now

Happy 7th Birthday InWorldz! 

IW7 Event

IW7 Live Event Taking Place

InWorldz 7th Birthday Celebrations_020

IW7 Teleport Board – I love this!🙂

InWorldz 7th Birthday Celebrations_007

IW7 discover great things and builds

InWorldz 7th Birthday Celebrations_019

IW7 Welcome Area

InWorldz 7th Birthday Celebrations_017

IW7 Shopping Area

InWorldz 7th Birthday Celebrations_015

IW7 – Happy 7th Birthday!

Teleport to the InWorldz event regions and join in with the InWorldz 7th birthday celebrations happening this week/rest of April 2016.

To mark 7 years of InWorldz here are some historical snapshots that I wanted to share with you all! :) 

InWorldz login screen 2010

InWorldz Login Screen on 2nd September 2010

July 4th 2011

InWorldz Desert Island on July 4th 2011

InWorldz Map 2nd May 2012

InWorldz Map on 2nd May 2012

Relay For Life of InWorldz 2013

Relay For Life of InWorldz on 7th November 2013

InWorldz 100, 000 total users registered

InWorldz 100, 000 total users registered on 15th May 2014

New InWorldz Welcome Area

New InWorldz Welcome Area on 27th July 2015

InWorldz World Map

InWorldz World Map 2016

InWorldz Login Screen - 31st March 2016

InWorldz Login Screen – 31st March 2016

InWorldz 7th Birthday: 26th March – 30th April 2016


InWorldz 7th Birthday celebrations coming soon!

InWorldz will be celebrating their official 7th Birthday celebrations starting from 26th March through until 30th April 2016. Spread the word because it’s going to be amazing this year. :) 

There will be tours, contests, sim build explorations and more! 

The InWorldz 7th Birthday will be held at the InWorldz Events Regions!. I’ll be blogging more on IW7 in the weeks ahead, stay tuned. :) 

InWorldz 7th Birthday

InWorldz 7th Birthday regions

Check out my newly uploaded spring snapshots of the InWorldz welcome area. It’s great to hangout and explore here.🙂

InWorldz welcome area_001

Helpful mentors at the welcome area🙂

InWorldz World Map

New updated InWorldz World Map – free inworld

InWorldz welcome area_003

A nice view of the central part of the welcome area

InWorldz welcome area_006


InWorldz welcome area_011

Very cool🙂

InWorldz welcome area_009

Great to walk around here🙂