My 6th rez day birthday cake from Linden Lab

I checked my emails this morning on my 6th rez day in Second Life and Linden Lab sent me a Happy Rez Day, Daniel email. Thanks so much Linden Lab for sending me my 6th rez day cake. The owl eats the yummy cake and is excited for his 7th rez day next year in SL.

Party time! 😀

Now it says 6 years in my SL profile inworld. Wooooot!!!!!

Another big milestone reached and many more to come I hope! 🙂


Today marks my 6th Rez Day in Second Life

Today marks officially my 6th rez day since I joined Second Life. On 31st October 2006 I joined the teen grid when I was a teenager to see what a virtual world was like and Second Life was featured in the news so I decided to sign up. I started to explore the grid as a newbie and didn’t know where to start back in October 2006. 2 years after that I transferred to the main grid in December 2008 when I turned 18 years old where I started my adult life.

Previous SL rez days snapshots

  • 31st October 2007: Party underground celebrating 1st Rez Day
  • 31st October 2008: Explored the mainland for my 2nd Rez Day
  • 31st October 2009: 3 hours of live music for my 3rd Rez Day
  • 31st October 2010: Explored cool SL Halloween places for my 4th Rez Day
  • 31st October 2011: Exploring scary halloween places for my 5th Rez Day
  • 31st October 2012: 6th Rezday cake from Linden Lab & London City party
  • My SL rezdays snapshots from the past

Since then I have gained many new friends, new blog followers, uploaded 21, 569 SL snapshots on Flickr and documented Second Life news stories and so much more. I have seen many changes happen to Second Life over the years since 2006 including many good and not so good changes to the grid. Check out my portfolio page for all the hard work that I have done over the years.

The last 6 years have been very exciting, challenging, fun and awesome. I loved exploring new sims, greeting new people and attending popular SL events over the years. Thanks for being part of my Second Life experience so far and here’s to another 6 years. Party time!

Happy Halloween 2012