BURN2 The Man and The Temple 2012 Burn Times

This year at BURN2 2012 festival The Man and The Temple will be set on fire until the whole structures burn to the ground. These burns are memorable events at BURN2 and they are very exciting to watch inworld. Here are the scheduled times…

The Man – Burn Times

The Temple – Burn Times

Don’t miss these fantastic big events at BURN2 2012! 






InWorldz 2012 Relay For Life sims arrive

The first two InWorldz 2012 Relay For Life sims have arrived this week in time for the InWorldz RFL weekend next month and here is a sneak preview snapshot showing the InWorldz RFL track and surrounding landscape. Search for “ACS, Inbiz” sim and the “ACS, Bilavio’s Furniture” sims on the map if you are logged into InWorldz. Another step closer to the InWorldz Relay For Life event 2012.

InWorldz Relay For Life Weekend 2012

  • Friday 2nd November 2012
  • Saturday 3rd November 2012
  • Sunday 4th November 2012
  • Closing party – 27th November 2012

Group notice informing everyone of the new RFL sims InWorldz today. Here is my first preview snapshot of RFL sims of InWorldz.

The sims are up and ready. We will invite teams to build as soon as track placement is decided.”Go Relay !”

I’ll be blogging more about InWorldz RFL 2012 soon. Todays snapshot showing the InWorldz Desert Island with a halloween theme this week and updated changes. 😀

Latest InWorldz News (25th October 2012)

  • InWorldz Desert Island has been reorganised this week. Also there are new halloween decorations around the sim!
  • InWorldz Halloween Fight Fest 2012 runs through until 31st October 2012. Visit InWorldz Events A, B, C and D sims!
  • PhysX on the beta regions InWorldz was a success apparently & expecting another announcement soon
  • New grid code rolled out apparently which has dealt with OSG bugs
  • To be confirmed “major revamp” set for InWorldz in the near future (2013-2014)

Snapshot of the InWorldz halloween stage at InWorldz Desert Island this year looking AWESOME!