Windows 8 compatibility with Second Life Viewer 3

Today I visited the Microsoft Compatibility Center to see if Second Life is compatible with Windows 8 and the good news is that it is with viewer 3. However Viewer 1 is not compatible with Windows 8 and Viewer 2 there’s no info on yet if it is or not. Windows 8 was launched on 26th October 2012 and if becomes successful that’s still to be seen. Are you using Windows 8 for Second Life ?

Windows 8 Status 

  • Mainstream support: Until 9th January 2018
  • Extended support: Until 10th January 2023

The list of results for Second Life on Microsoft Compatibility Center website search results.

Yay, good news if you want to try SL on Windows 8.


BURN2 2012 week 1 highlights

After 8 days of exploring the 2012 playa on six sims, attending dj events, greeting at gate road and blog reporting on BURN2 adventures BURN2 ends for Week 1. It’s not over yet!

There’s been a good amount of coverage of BURN2 this year but I wish that more SL bloggers would cover the event to spread the word further around the SL metaverse. I think all the stages this year are really amazing and very detailed. During week 1 there was a good sense of happiness and joy among BURN2 visitors I think.

Week 2 should be very exciting for the burning of The Man and The Temple next weekend. Many live events will be happening in week 2 and it should be great fun.

Views on BURN2 this year from members of the SL community…

  • Loving it as always
  • Having fun
  • Amazing
  • Fantastic live dj events
  • Great music, all the time

BURN2 2012 survey results for Attending BURN2 2012

  • YES – 32 votes
  • NO – 9 votes

4th November 2012 is the last day of BURN2 2012 then the regions I think will be closed for another year until early 2013.