A new cool video from BURN2 2012 in Second Life

This year i’m hoping there will be loads of interesting new SL BURN2 videos uploaded on YouTube to watch and here is one short related SL BURN2 video I found that everyone should watch today. This 37 seconds long video was uploaded by Natascha Randt from Second Life and I think its really good.

Tinies at BURN2 2012

On my travels around BURN2 2012 this year I went to the BURN2 Osiris Stage to watch the fire sisters performance which was excellent. There was over 40+ avatars watching this amazing fire act. I have never seen anything like this before at any BURN2/Burning Life event in SL so it was really interesting to see something different this year. So much fire, joy and excitement this year. 🙂

The must watch live exciting performance of BURN2 2012

I saw many tinies (avatars) watching the fire sisters perform high up in the sky dancing and syncing with each other.

Very cute and friendly!

Tiny invasion taking over the grid lol

BURN2 2012 on the SL Login Screen

If you are using the SL viewer or the popular third party viewers like Firestorm you can visit BURN2 2012 from the SL Login Screen. It’s under Featured Events section on the SL Destination Guide worth looking at and teleporting to popular events on the grid. On the right hand side of my blog I have added a new BURN2 section and there is a teleport link which sends you to Burning Man – Deep Hole.

BURN2 is featured on the SL Login Screen.

BURN2 is featured on the Firestorm SL Login Screen under Destinations drop down menu > Featured Events.

BURN2 2012 lasts until 28th October 2012. So visit now and experience the whole BURN2 event!