New Kitely events calendar

Kitely Events Calendar 2014
Kitely Events Calendar 2014

Selby Evans posted new details about a new Kitely events calendar this week which is a project of the Kitely community meeting held on a weekly basis. This new Kitely events calendar is running using Google software and this is a great way to promote events going on the Kitely grid.

To get your event authorized on the Kitely events calendar, please contact Handy Low. Please spread the word and let’s get this calendar full of enjoyable events.

Hopefully more event listings will be added very soon. On the Kitely Forums there is an events section worth checking out called Events and Activities for current and upcoming events.

Who can post to the event calendar ?

  • Performers
  • Venue managers
  • Event managers
  • Merchants who run genuine specials  

Where can I see the event calendar ?

  • Welcome areas
  • Merchant districts (service to customers)
  • Entertainment venues (promote Kitely for entertainment)

Tips on event posting

  • Don’t assume the location field will work for a virtual place
  • Put location links in the description.  
  • Include the web address for the Kitely world
  • Be sure visitors can find the venue from their arrival point
  • Don’t spam or post fake sales.  
  • Use the description to tell people why they want to come to your event.
  • Know your target market.  Talking to everybody is talking to nobody.
  • Start with what your target people are interested in.  
  • Use language that interests your target people.

The Kitely community meetings take place at the Kitely Welcome Center at 1pm PDT on Wednesdays to work on plans for improving the grid and promoting Kitely.


2 thoughts on “New Kitely events calendar

  1. Thanks, Daniel. I’ve also authorised Selby (and several others) to post events and manage sharing on the calendar. I’m hoping the calendar will become easily available to the community by opening it up in this way.


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