Paradise Lost in Second Life, Trailer 3

Watch the new trailer 3 for Paradise Lost released this week created by the talented Basilique Performing Arts Company in Second Life. The trailer runs for 1 minute and 41 seconds and should not be missed.

This is a theatre production that will come out during Spring 2014, this is a video trailer of the theatre production coming. Thanks to Canary Beck for informing me about Paradise Lost in Second Life today. 🙂

New trailer 3 is here

Trailer 3 information 

The 3rd Trailer for Paradise Lost – The Story of Adam and Eve’s Original Sin in Fourteen Movements of Mozart’s Requiem, featuring The Son of God expelling Adam and Eve from Paradise. Opening in Spring 2014 at the Basilique Playhouse.


SL Blogger Conference 2014 pushed back to April due to time constraints

I contacted Voshie Paine today to find out more details about the first SL Blogger Conference 2014 due to happen on 7th to 9th February. Apparently it’s been pushed back to April 2014 due to time constraints within the organization group and the exact dates will be announced as the time draws nearer. There is no homepage for the conference yet for more information.

The conference will discuss blogging in general, photography, fashion, photoshop and much more.

I am looking forward to the conference as I enjoy blogging about Second Life/OpenSim on a regular basis. I hope it goes ahead and everyone will support it. 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates soon.