The Blackened Mirror Season 2 episode 5 is here

On Sunday 2nd February the new episode 5 called No More Angels of The Blackened Mirror Season 2 was released. Episode 5 runs for 11 minutes and 33 seconds. There is one more episode left of Season 2 due to air on 9th February and hopefully Season 3 will be made in the near future.

The Blackened Mirror is a popular TV series filmed in Second Life with elements of horror, steampunk and more. It’s very exciting and really worth watching if you are into virtual tv series.

In this episode 

Millie has been kidnapped by emissaries of Babbage — Mr Biggins’ home city — and a place he is very reluctant to return to. Quinn is determined to rescue his young friend — but what dangers lie ahead? What price is he asking his companions to pay?

Episode 5 can be watched here

Previous episodes can be watched here for Season 2 and Season 1.